Natural Attractions on Saba

A vacation on Saba means plenty of time to enjoy nature's bounty

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Saba's small size means that you can hike pretty much everywhere without issue. Why bother with a rental car when you can walk the length of the island in about an hour. The Saba Conservation Foundation maintains all of the island's trails, and you can find maps or learn how to hire a guide at the Trail Shop in Windwardside.


Bird watching can certainly be done on Saba, with the cliff-dwelling red-billed Tropicbird at the top of many birders list. The Trail Shop offers several books for hikers to take with them that will allow them to identify any flying friend they see. Audobon Shearwaters and Wedregos are two birds you can expect to see as you traverse the island.

Mt. Scenery

Standing tall at 2,855 feet, Mt. Scenery is Saba's main attraction. The dormant volcano last erupted in 1670, and so has had centuries to regrow the lush greenery that covers the surrounding area. Those who venture to the top with be treated to a hike that lasts a little over three hours round trip, and provides views of banana plants, mahogany trees, orchids, ferns, the black-eyed Susan (the national flower), and many more types of flora. Many species of animals call the volcano home, as well, so chances of seeing at he very least a few different types of birds and a lizard are great. A trip to the top of Mt. Scenery means you can return home boasting that you climbed the 1,064 steps to the summit.

Saba Marine Park

Saba is unique in that it is an island completely surrounded by a marine park. Approximately 1300 hectares, from the high water mark to 200 feet off shore is where those interested will find the Saba Marine Park. This park is one of the only self-sustaining marine parks in the world, subsisting on the $3(USD) dive fee charged to visitors (locals are exempt), souvenir sales, and generous donations.

Buoys mark where commercial areas end and conservation areas begin, which protect a berth of healthy coral reef that house schools of tropical fish and marine life. Divers are awarded the pleasure of swimming with these sea creatures, and sightings of sharks and other unusual swimmers are common. Visibility ranges from 60 feet at minimum all the way to depths unmeasured, and divers might expect to experience water temperatures of between 77 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

The steep coastal zone makes it near impossible to shore dive, so it is recommended that all dives be done with the guidance of a licensed dive shop from a boat well off shore.

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Other Natural Attractions
Name Location Island
Saba Marine Park Saba Saba

The beauty of a vacation on Saba is that you don't have to look very hard – or go very far – to find Mother Nature. She surrounds the island. She covers the island. She is the island; and local conservationists have done their part to protect her so that you, the visitor, can enjoy her every bit of being.


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