Nightlife on Saba

There is more to do at night on Saba than you might expect

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Nightlife on Saba

People head to Saba to truly get away from it all, and the island is known for its ability to allow people to get away from it all.  Night fall brings the chance for vacationers to let loose and experience Saba's nightlife – as limited as it may be. 

Because there are so few people on the island at any given time, things rarely get crazy, but islanders do know how to have a good time.  Fridays and Saturdays are the best days of the week to go out.

...visit every bar on the island...


The Windwardside of the island is where the highest concentration of bars are.  Guido's is a club that features dancing on weekend, while Scout's Place is where you go for a few drinks and some karaoke on Friday nights.  There are also a few restaurants that serve up good eats along with mixed drinks and draft beers, such as Saba's Treasure, Tropic's Cafe, and the Swinging Doors.  Over in St. John's, vacationers should hit up Lollipops, where local med students go to unwind.

The island of Saba is so small that you could make it a point to visit every bar on the island before you leave.  Whether you choose to have one night out, or hit up every bar along the way, night time on Saba can be as exciting as you want it to be.

Entertainment and Nightlife
Name Type Phone Location
Deep End Bar Lounge -- Saba
Tropics Cafe Bar Bar -- St. John's

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