What Do I Need to enter Saba?

Saba's travelers need several important documents before they may vacation on the island

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Take your passport to Saba

Traveling to a foreign country often requires a number of important documents including a passport, visa, plane ticket or proof of funds.  This is certainly true of Saba.

In addition, travelers wishing to get married and honeymoon on Saba must complete procedures in order for the ceremony to take place.

Entry Requirements

Travelers from North America, Canada, Australia, and the European Union will need a valid passport and a return or ongoing ticket to be permitted entry into Saba. Visitors may stay for up to 90 days, and travelers from all regions must have a passport that is valid for 90 days past their planned departure date from Saba. Travelers from North America should be aware of the passing of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which went into effect on December 31, 2005. This initiative requires travelers and residents visiting or re-entering the United States from the Caribbean and other locations in North America to have a valid passport for entry. This means that all U.S. citizens will be required to travel to the Caribbean with a passport.

Residents of countries such as the People's Republic of China, the Dominican Republic, Croatia, and Vietnam will require a visa to enter the Netherlands Antilles. Also, some foreign nationals living in the United States may require a visa to enter Saba. Visas will cost $42.50(USD). Visas should be applied for at least a month in advance, and travelers will need several important documents, including a passport, passport photos, and proof of funds. Travelers should consult their nearest Royal Netherlands Embassy for details and documents. Visas are issued for the length of the planned stay up to 90 days. Travelers wishing to remain in the country for longer than 90 days may need to a residence permit, and should also consult their nearest Royal Netherlands Embassy.


Students who will be attending Saba University will need the following in order to study on the island:

  • Application documents

  • Clearance from local police

  • Immunization and health records

  • Birth Certificate with a raised seal

  • 8 passport sized photos

  • A valid passport

  • Temporary residence application

  • Marriage certificates for married students

Getting Hitched

Travelers who wish to get married on Saba will also need to submit important documents and go through several procedures before being cleared to wed on the island. Travelers must contact both the Census Office and the Lieutenant Governor's Office with a notification and request to be married on Saba. Travelers who desire to be married in a location other than court room or government building must also request this in their letter of notification to the Lieutenant Governor's Office. Questions should be directed to the Lieutenant Governor of Saba at the Census Office.  You can contact the Lieutenant Governor at the following address:

The Lt. Governor of Saba
The Bottom, Saba
Netherlands Antilles
E-mail: census@sabagov.com

After registration of the marriage with contacts on Saba, travelers must submit documents to complete the notification of marriage. Documents include recent birth certificates, passport copies and divorce decrees if applicable. Travelers should contact the Census Office for a full list of procedures and required documents. Weddings must be witnessed, and marriage certificates will incur additional fees.

Most travelers will find it relatively easy to enter the tiny island paradise of Saba to enjoy hiking, scuba diving, and relaxation in the Caribbean climate.


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