Planning Your Vacation on Saba

Travelers should spend time planning their trip in order to make the most of it

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Planning a Trip to Saba

Although Saba has no beaches, this tiny part of the Netherlands Antilles still attracts just under 25,000 visitors throughout the year. Travelers who spend time carefully planning their itinerary may find that their vacation richly rewards them for their research efforts.

Many travelers to Saba will come to the island excited to explore the famed Saba Marine Park, home to a full and diverse ecology of marine life. Other travelers will come to escape the tourist crowds so prevalent in the region from mid-December to mid-April, the Caribbean high season. Others may come to Saba for a scenic day trip from neighboring St. Maarten.

Regardless of motivation, you should spend some time researching and planning your trip. By doing so, you can create a trip that is customized to your needs and desires. While careful research may seem tedious, it can uncover exciting details that can actually get you geared up for your trip.

Getting Info

Travelers should begin by using a number of resources to collect information about the Caribbean and Saba. For example, it is important to know that Saba has no beaches. Travelers expecting to relax on the sand would be in for an unpleasant surprise when they arrived on the island. Scuba diving and marine life enthusiasts should research the ecology and dive spots of the waters surrounding Saba. The Internet is the most comprehensive source of travel information, although guidebooks, magazines, and other travelers can also be excellent resources.

When to Go

After learning about the culture and life on Saba, you can begin to consider when to travel to the island. Many travelers will visit Saba during the Caribbean high season, when the temperate weather in the region is most appealing for travelers coming from frigid areas far north of the equator. On the other hand, some travelers may enjoy the slower pace of the off-season.

Making Decisions

Once you decide on a time frame, consider where you will stay and what you will do on this 5-square mile island. While the island is not large, travelers have plenty of hiking and scuba diving opportunities. Some travelers may wish to stay in the island's capital, while others may prefer a quiet spot outside of town. Prospective travelers should also consider their travel companions. Active travelers who are alone or with friends may wish to plan a number of eco-adventure activities, while families may wish to plan something that is easier on their children.

Budgeting and Booking your Trip

While the final stages of planning your trip - budgeting and booking - are not always the most fun, they are certainly necessary. Before making any reservations, consider establishing a budget that includes the cost of hotels, dining, daily spending, recreation, and other extras. By establishing this in advance, you can avoid running into financial trouble during your trip. You can choose from several options for booking everything from airfare to accommodations. Internet vendors are increasingly popular, while travel agents and phone representatives are old standbys.

Saba attracts vacationers who are looking to escape crowds and to enjoy the captivating marine and mountain environments. Travelers should research and plan their trip in advance to create a relaxing and memorable island vacation.


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