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The island does not have many rental car agencies

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Renting a Car on Saba

Although Saba has only one main road, driving on the island can be quite challenging for both residents and visitors. No international rental agencies are present on the island, but several smaller companies do rent vehicles to travelers who wish to drive.

Saba has one main road, called The Road, which consists of 10 miles of paved surface. Taxis are available on the island, and many residents and visitors also hitchhike or walk to destinations that are relatively close by. Travelers may choose not to walk due to the island's steep inclines. If you want to travel by car and don't want to hire a taxi, visit one of several local companies to rent a vehicle. Rental cars give travelers mobility and freedom to explore Saba at their own pace.

Driving in all of the Netherlands Antilles is done on the right side of the road, and travelers need a valid international driver's license in order to secure a vehicle. Local companies generally charge around $45(USD) or $50(USD) a day, which will include a tank of gas. The island's only gas station is in Fort Bay. Travelers are advised to discuss insurance policies and liabilities with rental car company representatives, as driving on Saba can be hazardous. Since there are only 10 miles of paved road on the island, most companies allow for unlimited mileage.

Requirements and restrictions can vary. If you are concerned about minimum and maximum age restrictions, insurance requirements and the like, consider contacting each firm directly, before making a final decision.

Seat belts are required by law in all of the Netherlands Antilles. Children under 12 years of age must sit in the back seat of a vehicle, while children under 4 years of age must also be in a child seat. Whenever driving in a foreign country, visitors should drive safely and cautiously. Roads on Saba are thin, steep, and twisting, and many of the curves and turns are dangerously sharp. Roads are often flanked by concrete walls or cliffs, making the prospect of going off the road even more alarming. Roads on Saba can become slick during and after rains. Drivers renting a car on Saba should drive defensively and be alert at all times.

The following is a list of local rental car companies on Saba. Numbers and contacts are subject to change. Travelers may wish to call and arrange their rental prior to arriving on the island.

Rental Company Contact Information
Caja's Car Rental Kennedy Levenstone
The Bottom
599-416-3513 (Fax)
Johnson's Rent A Car Windwardside
Kenny's Rental Windwardside
Scout's 599-416-2205

Renting a car on such a small island may be be hard to justify unless a visitor is planning to travel frequently between one place and another. Taxis are perhaps the most popular means of transport for foreign visitors. Still, travelers who value mobility and freedom can acquire rental cars from several local firms on Saba.


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