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Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at some of Saba's small restaurants

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Restaurants on Saba offer delicious international and Caribbean cuisine in relaxed indoor and outdoor eating areas. With the small size of the island, travelers have every opportunity to explore a number of the small eating establishments on Saba.

Most of the restaurants on Saba are like the island itself: small. Nevertheless, like Saba, they charm vacationers with relaxation and intimacy. Island eating establishments represent a spectrum of cultures and price ranges, and travelers have plenty of options when it comes to meal time.

Vacationers can look forward to a style of cuisine unlike that which they are used to back home. Fresh seafood seasoned in Creole spices, a few Indian imports like rotis and curried goat, and even a few French favorites such as foie gras are all on the menu on Saba. Learn about how the island nourishes its people when you read our article titled Culinary Styles on Saba.

The atmosphere on Saba and in its restaurants is relaxed and casual. Travelers, however, should remember that beachwear and revealing articles of clothing are not appropriate attire in cities, shops, and restaurants. But unlike some other islands in the Caribbean, wearing shorts to lunch is acceptable. Dinner dress is still casual, but travelers may wish to wear pants or informal dresses, especially at some of the island's nicer establishments. Travelers should pack clothes that are neat but comfortable for their nicer dinner engagements. As always, if you plan on a business meeting over dinner or will be celebrating a special occasion, more formal dress may be appropriate.

While Saba does not attract a large number of tourists to compete with for dinner reservations, keep in mind that the island also has fewer restaurants and tables than larger islands have. Reservations will be unnecessary at most restaurants on the island, but they are suggested by some of the finer and more popular establishments. Select restaurants may also arrange transportation for their diners.

Caribbean and Local

For guests who like finding new and intriguing flavors that are special to the areas they visit, Saba offers some local restaurants to pick from. Be sure to remember that you will be able read more information for each one on the page by clicking on them.

Deep End Restaurant and Bar can be found at Queen's Garden Resort and is a local breakfast and lunch option located in western Saba. This restaurant stands out because they only use fresh ingredients for their classics such as sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and stir fries in the wok. If you're looking to call before booking a room, do so at (599) 416-3438.

A restaurant in the area worth thinking about is Scout's Place Restaurant and Bar. The kitchen staff at Scout's Place is trained in the art of European cuisine and are well versed in the preparation of local dishes for guests who don't want to return home without trying a few Saban dishes. Menu offerings include the fresh catch of the day, lobster, stewed goat, and fish & chips.

The available restaurant options available within Saba are visible inside the table down below.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants on Saba
Name Location Type Phone Number
Deep End Restaurant and Bar 0.3 mi. Northeast of Central the Bottom Caribbean (599) 416-3438
Lollipop's 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central the Bottom Caribbean, Vegetarian (599) 416-3330
Scout's Place Restaurant and Bar Windward Side, Central Saba Caribbean, European --

American and Other

Tropics Cafe

Alongside a few recognizable dining options, you will also be able to enjoy some International and eclectic food.

Tropics Cafe is situated at Juliana's Hotel and is a bistro located on St. John's, Saba. The Tropics Café offers menu dominated by sandwiches, salads and fresh fish. Try out the daiquiris to revitalise your taste senses.

A place you might like is Queen's Garden. The stylish Queen's Garden Resort boasts a restaurant of the same name, where guests can sink into the comfortable seating surrounded by mango trees and views of the ocean while dining on flavorful and artfully prepared cuisine.

Lollipop's: This late night bar is open later than most, and is a popular spot among the nightlife crowd. For customers who want to call before you go, you can do so at (599) 416-3330.

Brigadoon is a pleasant eating establishment that's worth considering. This loud and friendly restaurant features a varied menu that specialized in seafood, though offers an equally diverse range of meats, veggies, and poultry.

Swinging Doors is a pub situated in Windward Side, in central Saba. The menu at Swinging Doors features a variety of barbecue and grilled entrees, including chicken and steaks. If you have questions and want to call before you go, you can do so at (599) 416-2506.

See more information about similar kinds of restaurants on Saba by scrolling to the chart down below.

American and Other Restaurants on Saba
Name Location Type Phone Number
Brigadoon Windward Side, Central Saba International (599) 416-2380
Lollipop's 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central the Bottom Caribbean, Vegetarian (599) 416-3330
Queen's Garden 0.1 mi. South of Central the Bottom International (599) 416-3494
Swinging Doors Windward Side, Central Saba Eclectic (599) 416-2506
Tropics Cafe 0.6 mi. Southeast of Central the Bottom Contemporary (599) 416-2469

Tips and Other Information

Most restaurants on Saba accept MasterCard and Visa, and some also accept Discover and American Express. Your bill will often include a service charge of 15 percent. Feel free to leave an additional gratuity for good service. If your bill does not include a service charge, leave a 15 percent as a tip.

Many of the island restaurants also have bars and special events such as karaoke, dancing, and music on various nights of the week, while some restaurants also have theme nights when they serve special cuisine. Some are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while others will be open from 11:00 a.m. to around 9:00 p.m. Still more open around 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Most restaurants and bars will be closed by midnight. If you're looking for hotels with restaurants on property, check out are article detailing the .

Many travelers to Saba find relaxation and adventure to be their two prime motivations for visiting the island, and most will find the dining atmosphere to be refreshingly casual.


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