Saba Marine Park

One of the only self-sustaining marine parks in the world, the Saba National Marine Park, which was established in 1987, raises money entirely through visitors fees, donations, and souvenir sales. The Park surrounds the entire island, promoting conservation throughout all local waterways.

The park encircles the island beginning at the high water mark and expands out to a depth of 200 feet. This encompasses approximately 1300 hectares.


Saba Marine Park is located on the island of Saba, 0.9 miles south west of the Bottom; it's 1.9 miles to the west-southwest of Windward Side.

Nearby Restaurants

If you're ready for some food after visiting Saba Marine Park, you might enjoy getting a bite to eat at one of the eateries near the preserve. The most nearby restaurant to Saba Marine Park is In Two Deep, which offers eclectic meals. Pops Place and Lime Time Chinese are additional dining options close-by. At Lime Time Chinese you and your companions will be able to try a bite of Caribbean fare and enjoy the local foods and culture of Saba.

More Information


While Saba residents can dive for free, visitors must pay $3(USD) per dive.


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