Wanna Talk on Saba?

Visitors will have no trouble dialing to international locations

Photo credit: © iwagg

Although it seems unlikely that a tiny island of volcanic rock would have modern telephone and Internet connections, Saba provides both for it's residents and visitors. In addition, cell phones and phone booths can be used on the island.

Travelers who are planning their trip to Saba are likely to want to contact their hotel or speak with tour and scuba dive operators before traveling to the island. From the United States, prospective travelers can call Saba by dialing: 011 + 599 (Netherlands Antilles dialing code) + 416 + a local four digit number.

Visitors on Saba will be relieved to learn that their hotels can provide direct long distance dialing worldwide. This allows traveler to easily stay in touch with important contacts back home. Various useful country codes for travelers to Saba may be:

Country Code
United States 1
Canada 1
United Kingdom 44
Australia 61
New Zealand 64
Netherlands 31
France 33

Dialing on the island only requires the four digit local extension. There are also public phone booths available in both The Bottom and Windwardside that accept guilders and phone cards purchased at local stores.

The following is a list of important emergency phone numbers that travelers may need to be familiar with on Saba:

Contact Number
Police 599-416-3237
Ambulance 599-416-3289
A.M. Edwards Medical Center 599-416-3289
Fire 599-416-2222

Cell phone service on Saba is provided by Eastern Caribbean Cellular, Telcell, and Cellular One out of Sint Maarten and St. Martin. Many (but not all) cell phones and brands will work on the island. On phones on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), the sims must be unlocked. Travelers may also need to switch the system that their phone is on. The company providing service should be able to provide more details. Phone rentals and roaming are also available.

Travelers needing to check on loved ones back home, chat with friends, or contact business associates can find phone services on Saba to allow them to stay in touch.


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