Tipping and Gratuities on Saba

Vacationers should always leave tips for local service workers

Photo credit: © Brent Reeves | Dreamstime.com

Many vacationers find their experience on Saba and the Caribbean to be augmented by the general friendliness of the residents. Travelers can reward island friendliness by appropriately tipping waiters, hotel staff, tour guides, and taxi drivers.

Tips comprise a small but necessary part of a vacation budget, and travelers should be sure to tip according to the level of service they received. It is polite to follow local customs as you travel around the island, and this includes tipping appropriately.

With only 10 miles of paved roads, one gas station, and hazardous road conditions, many vacationers choose not to rent a car when they visit the island. A popular option is to leave the driving to knowledgeable locals, making taxis a popular form of transport. Taxi drivers can also act as tour guides. The driving on Saba can be quite challenging, and visitors should be sure to tip taxi drivers about 10 to 15 percent of their fare.

Tourists can also take tours that immerse them Saba's natural beauty. Guides can lead travelers on marine dives or on a trek around the island and up Mt. Scenery. Travelers should tip their guide appropriately, based on the guide's level of service, knowledge, and friendliness.

Hotels add a 5 percent government tax to the final cost of the room. On top of that, hotels will generally add on a 10 to 15 percent service charge to the bill. Travelers can leave a much appreciated additional gratuity to hotel cleaning staff for good service.

Finally, travelers who enjoy some of the fine seafood and other cuisine on Saba should be sure to tip their waitstaff. Some restaurants may add a 10 to 15 percent service charge to the final bill. If this is charge included, diners can leave a small extra percentage to supplement it. Patrons should be clear on what is included on the bill and what type of currency is being used in the quote.

The service and tourism industry on Saba provides friendly help to a special group of travelers who are drawn to the island's peace, seclusion, and beauty. Travelers to Saba can help to nurture this industry by providing tips to those who make a living in it.


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