Saba Transportation Options

Travelers may find that walking is the best way to get around Saba

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The serene and tranquil atmosphere of Saba makes it a unique and unforgettable vacation destination. Its geography helps this beautiful island to remain one of the most unspoiled natural havens in the Caribbean. Its steep, sloping terrain and rugged cliff-side setting also make Saba somewhat difficult to navigate, but there are a number of ways to explore this extraordinary paradise.

Air Travel

Saba is a small, secluded island, which means that it is a great place for a little peace and quiet. But these factors also make it a little harder to reach directly. Travelers catching a flight to this little island cannot fly directly into Saba, but must take a connecting flight, most likely from Sint Maarten, which is about 15 minutes away by plane. Airplane passengers will touch down at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport on Saba. The airport is located in the area of the island called Flat Point, so named because it is one of the only level areas on the island.

Learn more about the steps required when flying into Saba by reading our Saba Air Travel Guide.


Vacationers who want to ride the waves of either the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea can reach Saba by boat. Sailors may find the wind and water a little rough and choppy when trying to dock at Fort Bay, the island's main port of entry. Boaters should beware of coral reefs and use extreme caution when navigating the waters surrounding Saba. With these cautions in mind, many visitors head to Saba because the dock fees are low ($3 per person, per week), and the waters are simply stunning. Read more about sailing and yachting to Saba by clicking here.


Luxury cruises can be an extended part of your relaxing vacation to the island. But because Saba has no deepwater harbors or beaches, a limited number of cruise lines and ships visit the island. Due to customer demand, however, several smaller cruise lines have taken to traveling to Saba and docking just outside of Fort Bay. This way, tourists can take smaller boats into the harbor and spend a day participating in the island's well-known eco tourism opportunities, or hunting for the highly revered Saban lace.

Rental Cars

Adventurous vacationers who want the independence of navigating the island themselves can rent a car from several local rental companies. Renting a car may be convenient for travelers who are going to make a lot of back and forth trips, but this method of transportation is the least popular with visitors because of Saba's steep roads and somewhat dangerous driving conditions. Vacationers can also find independence in renting a bike or moped, but this can be an extreme exercise over the island's steep terrain.

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Public transportation is almost nonexistent in Saba because of the island's sparse population and steep roads, so travelers won't be able to tour the island by bus. However, Saba does have taxi cab companies, which let vacationers leave the driving up to someone else. Taxis are probably the most popular way for visitors to tour the island, besides walking and hitchhiking, which is how most locals get around. Taxis are available at the airport and can be called upon from your hotel.

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Traveling to Saba from nearby Caribbean island St. Martin/Sint Maarten is a popular option for tourists interested in a day trip for shopping, dining, and exploring. Compagnie Maritime Voyager and Saba C Transport offer trips back and forth between their home base islands for about $60(USD). Learn more about traveling by fast ferry by clicking here.

The island's 5 square miles of rugged terrain will make for a unique vacation getaway. How you choose to get around Saba will have a lot to do with what kind of vacation you want to have.


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