Travel Fundamentals for Saba

Learn as much as you can about Saba prior to your vacation

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Travelers should be aware of many important pieces of information before traveling to a foreign country. In addition to learning about everything from driving customs to electrical standards, travelers should learn about local etiquette and island regions on Saba.


When traveling in places that other people call home, it's wise to be aware of local guidelines for etiquette and respect. Visitors to Saba should be friendly, courteous, and respectful to both the people and the environment. The island is considered gay friendly, but there are no official gay establishments.

If travelers decide to bring beachwear to Saba despite the lack of beaches, they should remember that beachwear and revealing articles of clothing should not be worn in villages, shops, or restaurants. Visitors who wish to take photographs of residents should always ask permission before aiming their camera. When on Saba, vacationers should be sure to return the friendliness and hospitality of the island's residents.


Saba is a small island in the Leeward Netherlands Antilles. The island boasts an area of 5-square miles, with 10 miles of paved road. Many residents and visitors choose to walk or hitchhike from place to place. Despite the island's small size, there are a number of things to do and see, including unforgettable eco-adventures under water and on land.

Region Details
The Bottom The Bottom is the capital of Saba and home to the island's medical school, and primary medical center and pharmacy at the A.M. Edwards Medical Center. The police and government are also located here.
Windwardside Many of the islands hotels and restaurants are located in the village of Windwardside. Island shops are also primarily located here, allowing travelers to shop for items such as lace, fine art, crafts, and souvenirs. The museum is also here.
Mt. Scenery Although much of the walking done on Saba is on an incline travelers should prepare themselves if they plan to take on the more than 1,000 steps that lead to the top of Saba's primary peak. Guides are available to take travelers to the top, and captivating views are available at the peak.
Saba Marine Park Established in 1987, this marine park encircles the entire coast of the small island. Home to crystal clear waters and a cornucopia of marine life, this area has become world famous for scuba divers with a number of dive sites available. Several dive companies on the island lead visitors on dives.
Fort Bay The smaller cruise ships that call on the island anchor outside of this primary pier and ocean port. Ferry service to Sint Maarten also arrives and departs from this pier. The islands only gas station and decompression chamber are located here, and dive companies leading excursions into the Saba Marine Park also call Fort Bay home.

Although Saba covers only a small area, its rocky inclines and marine surroundings offer travelers whole worlds to explore. Vacationers who spend time on the island should take advantage of the small size by exploring a number of different landscapes and areas.


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