Saint-Francois Attractions

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St. Francois is a quiet destination which is lacking a lot of special sites to see directly within town.  Beaches remain the main attraction, but if cultural landmarks are important to you, you may want to consider either renting a car to strike out on a tour of the surrounding area, or signing up for a tour. 


You will discover a good group of beaches to visit in the area. Whether you prefer people watching, or you prefer a more secluded spot, you can find a beach that appeals to you. Click on each beach name to read a detailed article concerning that part of the coast.

Anse Loquet: As one of the first beaches on Guadeloupe's Southeast Point, Anse Loquet is once of the more visited, especially since amenities are much more scarce as you head further into the point. Visitors who do choose Anse Locquet will be rewarded with the calm southern water mixed with soft sand; making this beach one of the last calm and clear water beaches on the point before they start becoming rough and choppy.

Another alternative for beach-goers to consider is Anse Champagne. Because of the resorts nearby, this area has decent roads that make driving easy. With roads and parking coming right up to the beach, getting to Anse Champagne is a breeze.

Anse Kanouanne: Visitors to the beach will need to take Highway D-118, the main road of the Southeast Point. While the specific beach access road is unmarked, the string of beaches are accessible by any of the dirt roads off to right to the south of D-118.

These are only some of the options that are available. Click to find our extended discussion of beaches for Saint-Francois.


If you enjoy learning about other places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your time in Saint-Francois.

A common landmark for vacationers is Musée Edgar Clerc. It is found within Le Moule, 7.2 mi. Northwest of central Saint-Francois. For just a little over a decade, this building has served as a museum that shines a light on the archaeological history of the island. Named for the man whose passions founded it, guests are welcomed to stop in and trace the history of the island through the many artifacts that are on display.

The table directly below lists some details regarding a few the available museums nearby.

Museums Near Saint-Francois
Name Phone Location
Le Maison du Crabe Museum (069) 090-8371 Le Moule, 7.0 mi. Northwest of Central Saint-Francois
Musée Edgar Clerc (059) 023-5757 Le Moule, 7.2 mi. Northwest of Central Saint-Francois

Historical Sites

Enjoy learning some of the historical roots of foreign countries? If so, you might want to visit a historical site while on vacation in Saint-Francois.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Domaine de Zevallos. It is found 3.8 mi. North-Northwest of central Saint-Francois. A historic home rich with culture and hints of the past, this colonial residence remains open to the public for tours which encourage them to tour the property and see how people once lived on the island.

Historic Sites Near Saint-Francois
Name Type Phone Location Island
Domaine de Zevallos Historical Site (069) 015-0757 3.8 mi. North-Northwest of Central Saint-Francois Grande-Terre

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests will experience some other intriguing sites to visit nearby.

If you're intrigued by the distillery process, consider heading to Rhum Damoiseau Tour. Established at the end of the 19th century, Rhum Damoiseau still stands to this day, and guests are welcome to tour the property to get inside secrets about how the rum is made.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Saint-Francois
Name Type Location Island
Rhum Damoiseau Tour Distillery Le Moule, 7.1 mi. Northwest of Central Saint-Francois Grande-Terre


Guadeloupe Casinos

Vacationers don't generally stay in Saint-Francois to find gambling, but there is one to check out, Casino de la Marina.

As you explore St. Francois, you'll find that it is its natural surroundings which are most appealing, and everything else requires a small amount of travel.  For most people who visit this side of Guadeloupe, this is exactly the scene they are looking for. 


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