Beaches in Saint-Francois

Many of Grande Terre's most high quality beaches are located in the space between St. Francois and Gosier.  They vary depending on which part of the coast you end up on, ranging from rocky to fine, soft sands, but most are backed by palm trees interspersed with vendors.  Be aware that because this is a French territory, some of the beaches welcome nude sun bathing. 

The Area's Beaches

There are a handful of beaches to consider in the area. Regardless of whether you're looking forward to people watching, or you prefer having more of the sand to yourself, you should be able to find just the right beach. Simply click on the name of the beach for more information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

A local beach where you can go snorkeling is Anse Kanouanne. Anse Kanouanne is a small beach, really not much more than a strip of sand. However, its remoteness and wall of trees give it near absolute privacy from the world outside, making a prime beach for those looking to get away.

Another top pick for snorkelers is Plage du Helleux. The beach is located just south of the Saint Francois track and tennis courts.

Baie Sainte Marie: Surrounded by a dense forest, the bay appears to be etched just slightly into the coast. Luckily, the forest cuts off pretty neatly, so there is little actual vegetation on the beach. With nothing in the immediate area, the beach is a quiet and free of many people.

The beaches in Saint-Francois are listed in the following chart.

Beaches In Saint-Francois
Name Location Coast
Anse Champagne 0.5 mi. East of Downtown St. Francois South East
Anse Kanouanne 2.0 mi. East of Downtown St. Francois South East
Anse Loquet 1.6 mi. East of Downtown St. Francois South East
Baie Sainte Marie 2.6 mi. Northeast of Central Saint-Francois South East
Plage du Helleux 0.8 mi. West of Downtown St. Francois South East
Raisins Clairs 0.5 mi. West of Downtown St. Francois South

If you are looking for a wider variety of points of interest beyond the category on this page, you should think about other locations. For more information about other attractions, read this article.

Because the beaches of St. Francois are so varied, you'll easily be able to find the perfect stretch of sand for you as you explore this gorgeous Caribbean coast line. 


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