What's Near Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf

Nearby Beaches

Some visitors' favorite sights to see in this region are the beloved beaches. Having them available nearby will make this area particularly desirable.

All of the beaches along the coast of Grande-Terre are appreciated for different reasons; even differences between their amenities can affect how much time you want to spend there, and what you need to bring. To see those available near Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf, see the following table. Clicking on each link below allows you to view a detailed page:

Beaches Near Bwa Chik Hotel
Beach Distance Direction Location
Anse Champagne 0.3 ESE Saint-Francois
Raisins Clairs 0.8 W Saint-Francois
Plage du Helleux 1.0 WSW Saint-Francois
Anse Loquet 1.4 E 18.5 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre
Anse Kanouanne 1.7 E 18.8 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre
Baie Sainte Marie 2.2 NE 18.9 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre
Anse a l'Eau 3.6 N 17.9 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre
Anse de la Gourde 3.7 E 20.8 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre
Point Tarare 4.1 E 21.2 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre
La Porte d'Enfer 4.9 NNW 16.5 mi. East-Northeast of Pointe A Pitre

The closest one is Anse Champagne. Bear in mind that this beach is located a quarter mile to the east-southeast of this property, so you will have unlimited opportunities to enjoy the sun and the shore. While the resort that once controlled access to the beach has since closed, Anse Champagne is still as popular as ever. Visitors can drive right up to the beach and explore not only the sand and waters of the beach, but some of the abandoned property that still stands, including a dock that is missing a few boards. Stay comfortable at here all day if you choose, since you'll find public bathrooms on-site.

If instead you're interested in a stretch of sand that attracts very few tourists, Anse Loquet could be just what the doctor ordered. As one of the first beaches on Guadeloupe's Southeast Point, Anse Loquet is once of the more visited, especially since amenities are much more scarce as you head further into the point. Visitors who do choose Anse Locquet will be rewarded with the calm southern water mixed with soft sand; making this beach one of the last calm and clear water beaches on the point before they start becoming rough and choppy. You can find it just a short hike off.

Nearby Areas

Visiting a town or community neighboring your hotel can add a little variety to your vacation schedule, no matter if you're just experiencing a night out in the area, or learning more about the area's art and history. Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf can be found in Saint-Francois, a city on Grande-Terre; it is 17 miles (27 and a half kilometers) to the east of Pointe A Pitre.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors seeking thrilling outdoor activities while vacationing on Grande-Terre will find that Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf is the perfect place for active guests, especially if they plan to take advantage of this busy part of town. Actually, there are a few attractions located fairly close to hotel, like Domaine de Zevallos and Musée Edgar Clerc. Each of these are excellent for vacationers lodging at Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf, but the closest is Domaine de Zevallos.

With quite a few attractions near this vacation spot, you don't have to limit yourself; more nearby attractions are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Bwa Chik Hotel
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Domaine de Zevallos Historical Site 4.0 NW 15.6 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre, Grande-Terre
Musée Edgar Clerc Museum 7.6 NW Le Moule, Grande-Terre
Rhum Damoiseau Tour Distillery 7.6 NW Le Moule, Grande-Terre
Le Maison du Crabe Museum Museum 10.1 WNW Le Moule, Grande-Terre
Terre-de-Bas Lighthouse Lighthouse 12.0 ESE 28.1 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre

If you're searching for somewhere interesting to go, Domaine de Zevallos might be worth a visit. A historic home rich with culture and hints of the past, this colonial residence remains open to the public for tours which encourage them to tour the property and see how people once lived on the island.

Nearby Accommodations

Finding info about nearby lodging options is sometimes a good way to get a better feel for the area as whole. Although you might only find a handful of additional resort and hotel options right around Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf, the tranquil surroundings here make it a pleasant choice for visitors looking to enjoy a peaceful vacation spot. Consult the following table for a complete listing of the hotel booking possibilities that are found in the surrounding area.

Accommodations near Bwa Chik Hotel
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
La Cocoteraie 0.3 E Saint-Francois, Grande-Terre
Le Vallon 0.4 NNW Saint-Francois, Grande-Terre
Golf Village Hotel 0.6 N Saint-Francois, Grande-Terre
Hôtel Club Manganao 1.8 WSW 15.4 mi. East of Pointe A Pitre, Grande-Terre

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