Iguane Café

A gourmet restaurant with a unique theme, Iguana Cafe presents the flavors of Guadeloupe and around the world in a way that is appealing to both the eyes and the taste buds.


Chef Sylvain Serouart is at the helm of the kitchen here, which produces gourmet fare drawn from Asian, Indian, Creole, and African influences. The menu is constantly changing, so it is a new experience every time you return.

Iguane Café is a bistro that serves African and Asian dishes. As far as service and setting, you can expect the formality to be informal. When's the best time to come? They're open for both dinner and lunch, so give it a try.


The dining room at the cafe has a contemporary feel with a homey nature. Iguanas are the theme, but it pops up in unexpected places rather than being in your face and overwhelming.


Iguane Café is located in the heart of Saint-Francois, a city on Grande-Terre; it's to the east of Pointe A Pitre.

There are certainly benefits to this vicinity, such as Golf de St-Francois and Raisins Clairs. The latter of the two is the most convenient spot to enjoy the beach, and lives within a reasonable distance of the restaurant.

Nearby Restaurants

For guests hoping to find an area restaurant that has similar kinds of food or a similar price range, there are quite a few nearby places to choose from, including Le Cosy.

But of course, if you want something different, this section of Grande-Terre features an excellent range of restaurant options that will satisfy nearly every kind of diner. For example, you can try Creole food at L'Arobas, which isn't very far away.

Contact Info

Location: Route de la Pointe des Chateaux, Saint-Francois, Grande-Terre

Phone: (059) 088-6137


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