Taxis in Saint-Francois

You'll want to call ahead for a taxi in St. Francois

Yes, it is possible to take a taxi in St. Francois, but they are hard to come by in this town, and when you do get a hold of one, they are not inexpensive.  If you still prefer to make this your main mode of transportation, have your front desk handle calling the driver to come pick you up.

Taxi Companies

When you're out exploring Guadeloupe, you'll find minivans serving as taxis, and notice that they tend to frequent the most popular tourist destinations like at the airport, top resorts, and at beaches.  St. Francois doesn't see a lot of taxi activity, so it is necessary that you cal ahead for a ride. 

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxi fares are set by the government at a rate of 1 Euro per minute.  This means if you travel from the airport in Pointe a Pitre to St. Francois (which is the top route for tourists staying in this town), you'll spend between $42 and $46(USD).   In addition to this, driver's are allowed to charge up to 40 percent more after 9:00 p.m., on Sundays, and on holidays.  Make sure you also keep gratuities in mind when planning for your transportation budget.  The going rate is about 15 percent of your bill. 

The following table provides some typical taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around Saint-Francois
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 72.75 - $ 107.25 Pointe A Pitre Saint-Francois
$ 102.60 - $ 115.65 Downtown Basse Terre Saint-Francois
$ 59.25 - $ 87.25 Gosier Saint-Francois
$ 30.50 - $ 44.00 Saint-Francois Ste. Anne
$ 82.25 - $ 121.75 Saint-Francois Port-Louis
$ 41.30 - $ 46.40 Downtown Pointe A Pitre Saint-Francois
$ 80.00 - $ 89.75 Deshaies Saint-Francois
$ 30.50 - $ 44.00 Le Moule Saint-Francois
$ 45.30 - $ 50.90 Centre Saint-John Perse Terminal Golf De St-Francois

Despite the downsides to taking a taxi in St. Francois, many tourists still prefer this mode of transportation over all others.  Fortunately for these visitors, taking a cab is still a possibility. 


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