Saint-Francois Transportation Options

Transportation options in St. Francois span the air, the ground, and the sea

Set on the island of Grande Terre, which thrives as a natural tourist paradise, St. Francois has an almost cosmopolitan appeal.  While one certainly wouldn't claim it is a big city, there is a buzz about it that draws visitors in and gives them a thrill as they find a place that welcomes both eco-tourism and those looking for a luxury getaway.  Transportation options exist for every type of traveler, no matter what appeals most to them. 

Air Travel

St. Francois is located about a half an hour away from the nearest airport, which is located in Point a Pitre.  Flights into this airport are limited and very structured, allowing travelers to arrive from Miami, Montreal, and London regularly throughout the week.  If your schedule is just as strict, you may find it easiest to fly to another country in the Caribbean, then fly to Guadeloupe on a smaller regional airline.  Take a look at all of the available options by clicking here


If you plan to sail yourself to St. Francois, you'll be greeted with a place to dock your boat at a local yacht club.  However, your first stop will be to the west in Pointe a Pitre where you'll find the island's official port of entry.  A number of documents are necessary in order to be granted clearance, so it is best to arrive prepared.  Find out exactly what you'll need here


Guadeloupe is not one of the most popular destinations for cruisers, but since  Centre Saint-John-Perse opened in Point a Pitre, it has become a more feasible option.  If you're planning to visit the island by cruise, exploring St. Francois is definitely a possibility thanks to its location just a half an hour away.

Rental Cars

High taxi costs and favorable driving conditions make rental cars the ideal choice for transportation in St. Francois.  You'll find rental costs to be somewhere from $30 to $100(USD) a day, plus the cos of insurance and your deposit.  All you need is your driver's license, and quickly you'll be on the road.  Everything you need to know about renting a car can be learned by reading our guide here


Taxis are not readily available in St. Francois, so if you'll be making this your main mode of transportation you may want to become friendly with the operator at the nearest taxi stand.  Do be aware the fares are high, making renting a car the more affordable option.  Get information on rates and numbers for taxi drivers when you read our guide to Taxis in St. Francois.


Riding the bus to see the sites of Grand Terre is possible thanks to a public bus system that makes the rounds Monday through Saturday from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  There are limited services on Sunday.  Overall, these buses are used by local commuters, but there is no reason why tourists can't give them go.  The route begins in Pointe a Pitre then makes the rounds to Gosier, Marie Guillard, Sainte Anne, Bragelogne, and ends in St. Francois.  The price you pay will depend on where you're going. 


Like most of the transportation options in Grand Terre, ferry transport is based out of Pointe a Pitre.  If you're interested in visiting one of the other islands in the Guadeloupe chain, or take a trip to a neighboring French isle like Martinique, Dominica, or St. Lucia, you can do so with L'Express des Isles or Brudey Freres.  

A major factor to consider when you visit St. Francois is transportation.  It is important to know what is available to you as you plan for international and local travel, allowing for you to make up your budget and see how each option affects your time constraints.  Now that you know a bit about each option that exists, you are better prepared to begin booking your travel arrangements.    


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