Saint Georges Parish Buses

Buses are very convenient in St. George's and Bermuda

Extensive routes and low costs mean that traveling by bus is a great way for anyone wanting to explore the island without spending a fortune.

If you plan to use buses for every trip you take, your first order of business should be to find a Visitors Centre where you can purchase a Bermuda Public Transportation Pass. These passes offer unlimited transportation on both buses and ferries until they expire. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay, in exact change and local coin, $3 to $4.50(USD) each time you board a bus. The passes, and transportation coins are also available at the bus and ferry terminals in Hamilton.

Buses and bus stops are easily spotted because they are both painted pink and blue. Pink poled bus stops let you know that the bus is headed in the direction of Hamilton, and blue poled bus stops welcome buses that are driving in the opposite direction. There are 14 bus routes, each spanning about two miles, and they cover almost the entire island, so you should always be able to get within walking distance of your desired destination. Buses run daily from seven in the morning to 11 at night. Some of the more popular routes run even later - right up to midnight. Check the chart below for specific routes.

If you aren't one for crowds, buses may not be for you. Both locals and tourists squeeze onto the buses, and things can get cramped and hot quickly. If you want to avoid overcrowding, steer clear of the buses during rush hour and when cruise ships are in port.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Route 11 to St. George's Via North Shore Hamilton Bus Station Bermuda Aquarium Bus Stop, Perfumery Bus Stop, St. George's Bus Terminal
Route 6 to LF Wade International St. George's Bus Terminal LF Wade Bus Stop

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