Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

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Once occupied by the U.S. military and NASA, Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is now an area of conservation that looks to protect local flora and fauna.

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve stretches for 12 acres on the southeastern end of the island.

Bermudan plants like palmettos, olivewoods, and Bermuda cedars speckle the landscape, and a boardwalk allows you to walk throughout, taking notice of birds and local wildlife.


Set in , always welcomes residents and vacationers who are lodging in this part of Bermuda. However, even if you aren't staying nearby, you should think about stopping by to enjoy a great time.

Visitors can take bus #6 from St. George to the St. David's Lighthouse. A short westward walk on Ruth's Bay Road and further west down Orange Hole Road will take you to the reserve.

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is found in Cooper's Island, a neighborhood in St. David's Island; it's 2.2 miles to the south-southeast of St. George.

Nearby Restaurants

Of course, one of the most enjoyable possibilities while spending a few hours exploring the area could be sharing a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of this nature preserve. The most convenient place to eat to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is Blackhorse Tavern, which serves Caribbean fare. Blackhorse Tavern is just about less than a mile away, so grab a table and try something off the menu. Also within a short distance, you will have restaurants including Cafe Boulevard and White Horse Pub where you and your group should make it a point not to end your meal without sampling their specialty seafood.

Nearby Attractions

Those who are a fan of nature preserves, and have the energy to view some others, should consider seeing Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve and Smith's Island Nature Reserve; the first of which is a half mile to the south-southwest of this page's attraction. You'll find some additional activities nearby, including St. Davids Lighthouse, which is less than a mile away St. David's Island. You might also want to think about visiting Castle Island, which is another attraction in the vicinity.

Nature preserves are a great attraction to visit, but there's more to visit on Bermuda. The table below lists other attractions that are closest.

Attractions Near Cooper's Island Nature Reserve
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location Island
St. Davids Lighthouse Other Attraction 0.9 mi. (3.1 km) NE St. David's Island Bermuda
Castle Island Historic Site 1.1 mi. (4.6 km) SW Castle Island Castle Island
Great Head Park -- 1.1 mi. (3.0 km) NE St. David's Island Bermuda
Carter House Museum 1.3 mi. (1.7 km) NW St. George's Island Bermuda
Little Head Park -- 1.3 mi. (2.7 km) NNE St. David's Island Bermuda
Fort Popple Historic Site 1.4 mi. (2.9 km) NNE St. David's Island Bermuda
Fort Cunningham Historic Site 1.4 mi. (1.9 km) N Paget Island Paget Island
Gates Fort Historic Site 1.8 mi. (1.4 km) N St. George's Island Bermuda

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The reserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset.


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