Nonsuch Island Beach

A choice for the nature lovers, Nonsuch Island Beach is part of the wildlife refuge that makes up the entire island of Nonsuch. Despite its protected statues, the island and beach are open to visitors, though you will need official permission first from the Department of Conservation Services.

Located on Nonsuch Island, this beach is on the South East coast of the island, You should consider stopping by whether or not you're staying in the immediate vicinity. Even if you love being in the middle of all the action, there are some perks to visiting a beach that hasn't been "discovered" by thousands of tourists; the lovely, less-traveled shores of beaches like Nonsuch Island Beach are usually more relaxing than those overrun with fellow travelers.

How to Access The Beach

Nonsuch Island is only reachable via boat. The Department of Conservation Services does offer tours of the island, and may be able to arrange transportation, so be sure to call them and ask, especially since you will need their permission to visit anyway.

Amenities and Ambiance

Since Nonsuch Island Beach is protected as a natural beach, you are sure to see a bit more rocks and vegetation on and surrounding the beach. As such, even though there is plenty of space of soft sand, sandals or shoes are a good idea. Beach goers will also be able to explore the rest of Nonsuch Island, just be sure to remember that the island is a wildlife reserve, and disturbing the wildlife is illegal and potentially deadly depending on what animal it is.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, so those of you traveling with small children may want to consider another spot. Fortunately, the water here is fit for snorkeling, so grab some equipment if you are looking to do some underwater exploration.

What's Nearby


This beach is positioned on the South East coast of Nonsuch Island; it's located near attractions like St. Davids Lighthouse, which is one and a quarter miles to the north-northeast of this spot.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of Bermuda, many sites offer unique historical perspectives on the area. One of the nearest historical attractions is Fort Popple, which is a mile and a half away.

Beaches are one type of attraction you can visit, but there will be more options available on Bermuda. The following chart includes some other attractions close-by.

Activities and Attractions Near Nonsuch Island Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
St. Davids Lighthouse Lighthouse 1.3 mi. NNE Bermuda
Carter House Museum 1.6 mi. NNW Bermuda
Fort Popple Historical Site 1.8 mi. NNE Bermuda
Fort Cunningham Historical Site 1.9 mi. N Paget Island
Gates Fort Historical Site 2.2 mi. N Bermuda
Deliverance Museum 2.4 mi. NNW St. David's Island
World Heritage Centre Museum 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Seaglass Studio Art Gallery 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Stocks & Pillory And Ducking Stool Historical Site 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Old State House Historical Site 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Vera P. Card Art Gallery 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Bermuda Heritage Museum Museum 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island

Cities and Towns

Nonsuch Island Beach is in the St. George area, so travelers staying in town won't have far to go. Tourists at Nonsuch Island Beach who are looking for additional places to explore will want to consider going to St. George, which is close-by and is a particularly bustling part of Bermuda. From the beach, St. George is not far away, maybe two and a half miles (four kilometers).


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, depending on everything from the time the sun sets to how many people have booked nearby hotels. There aren't many large hotels in the immediate vicinity, but you may encounter visitors from some of the smaller accommodations in the area.


When you start craving an afternoon snack, this beach has many nearby restaurants, so there's no need to go too far from the shore. One of the nearest places to eat is Blackhorse Tavern. The restaurant has both Caribbean and International cuisines. They are also known for their seafood. It is located a mile and a half away.

The following table provides a list of nearby restaurants.

Restaurants near Nonsuch Island Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island
Blackhorse Tavern (441) 297-1991 Caribbean, International 1.4 mi. N Bermuda
Cafe Boulevard (441) 293-1321 -- 1.8 mi. NW Bermuda
The Point Restaurant (441) 298-4000 Eclectic 2.3 mi. W None
White Horse Pub (441) 297-1838 Caribbean 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Tavern by the Sea (441) 297-3305 International 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Polaris Restaurant (441) 297-0786 Caribbean, International -- -- St. David's Island
Wahoo's Waterside Bistro and Patio (441) 297-1307 Caribbean, International 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Temptations (441) 297-1368 American 2.5 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Griffin's Bistro (441) 297-1200 ext. 331 Continental 2.6 mi. NNW St. David's Island
Tom Moore's Tavern (441) 293-8020 Continental 2.7 mi. W St. David's Island
Buzz Tobacoo Cay (441) 297-2756 American 3.0 mi. NNW Bermuda
Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour (441) 293-8605 International 3.1 mi. W Bermuda

Other Beaches

Travelers searching for the perfect beach will have plenty of other choices on Nonsuch Island besides Nonsuch Island Beach.

You might also enjoy Alexandras Beach, found two and a half miles to the north. But, if you're interested in a more active beach, you might like Long Bay Beach. You'll find it a half mile to the east.

Another sun-drenched spot to consider is Tobacco Bay Beach, another great beach choice on Bermuda. Tobacco Bay is one of the hottest beach locations among tourists visiting the area of St. George.

There's plenty to see and do on Bermuda, and Nonsuch Island Beach is just one of many incredible attractions you can choose from.


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