Spas In Saint Georges Parish

The colonial charm of Saint George's Parish means there is an elegance to the town that allows several spas and wellness centers to fit right in. If pampering, rest, and rejuvenation is an important part of your getaway, you'll find this to be a great vacation destination for you. 

Dreaming of a relaxing visit to a spa? If so, you will be happy to discover several in this area.

If you want to unwind, you might want to contact Sense Spa. Sense is a Rosewood Spa at Rosewood Tucker's Point that offers an escape from the mundane stress of everyday. Their relaxing treatments are inspired by Bermuda's culture; guests can enjoy this indulgent atmosphere and rejuvenate, relax and revive their minds and bodies. They are situated in southwestern Saint Georges Parish.

A second option is Inner Sanctum Spa. Featuring an international staff that updates their training and certifications on an annual basis, Inner Sanctum is just what you need to unwind and let you body rejuvenate as the stresses you may not have even known you were carrying around with you melt away. You can call them at (441) 296-9009.

Still another option is Wise Body Wellness. Your first treatment with Wise Body will be a 30 minute consultation to discuss your body and health with the therapist. This will allow the therapist to create the proper treatment you. From there, they offer acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, and abdominal massage. They're located in Par-la-Ville Park, 8.0 mi. South West of central Saint Georges Parish.

Look through the following table to learn a couple of key facts concerning local establishments.

Spas Near Saint Georges Parish
Name Phone Location
Inner Sanctum Spa (441) 296-9009 Par-la-Ville Park, 8.0 mi. South West of Central Saint Georges Parish
Sense Spa -- 2.7 mi. South West of Central Saint Georges Parish
Wise Body Wellness (441) 296-8961 Par-la-Ville Park, 8.0 mi. South West of Central Saint Georges Parish

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