Taxis in Saint Georges Parish

The lack of rental cars makes taxis in St. George's a necessity

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Thanks to the fact that the international airport being located in St. George's, most tourists will have their first experience with a taxi right in this major town. Whether you plan on making taxis your main mode of transportation, or you have other plans in mind, it helps to know the deal when it comes to this form of transport.

Taxi Companies

Each taxi you see on the street of St. George's is privately owned and almost always operated by its owner. For this reason, the number of taxis available at any given time depends entirely on when the driver feels like working. Holidays, Sundays, and nights see a smaller amount of availability, which is why the prices are higher during these times. Drivers also have the option of refusing service if they don't feel like driving to a specific location.

Drivers are often spotted hanging around outside of resorts, shopping centers, popular restaurants, beaches, and, of course, the airport. When you need a ride, try and make eye contact and wave the driver over to you. If there are no taxis in the area, you can call hand have someone pick you up.

The following chart indicates how to reach local taxi services.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Co- Op Taxi (441) 292-4476 55 Dundonald Street - Par-la-Ville Park
Exclusively Elite Executive Taxi Service (441) 333-4985 10 Rec View Hill - Devonshire Parish
Island Taxi (441) 295-4141 4 Addendum Lane - Hamilton

When the taxi arrives to pick you up, you'll discover that instead of the four passenger sedans you're used to, they are actually minivans that can hold up to six passengers at one time. Many are even handicap accessible.

Be aware that passengers in the front seat are required to wear seat belts, but it is up to those in the back to decide for themselves if they'd like to ride strapped in. Even taxis have been known to get into accidents, so this is always the recommended course of action. If you're traveling with small children, arrive prepared with the appropriate safety seat for them.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis in St. George's are metered, and it can get expensive to take long trips. Rate cards are posted in each vehicle, and they are set by the government, so if you think you're going to get the driver to give on the price a little, it won't happen

As of June 2013, it costs $6.40(USD) for the first mile and $2.25(USD) thereafter for a party of four, or $8(USD) for the first mile and $2.50(USD) thereafter for a part of five or six. The fare goes up 25 percent between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m., as well as on Sundays and holidays. If you've got bags to put in the trunk, you'll pay an extra $0.25 per parcel. And don't forget about the tip. A gratuity of 10 percent of your total bill is the norm on Bermuda.

Wondering what you'll pay to use a cab? See this array of examples.

Typical Fares Around Saint Georges Parish
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 26.45 Downtown Hamilton St. George's Parish
$ 13.60 St. George Blackhorse Tavern
$ 58.25 St. George Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 14.50 St. George Cooper's Island Nature Reserve
$ 6.05 St. George Fort St. Catherine
$ 6.40 St. George Alexandras Battery Park
$ 26.15 - $ 29.00 Hamilton Cruise Terminal St. George's Parish
$ 21.00 - $ 27.00 Lf Wade International Airport Hamilton
$ 41.00 - $ 46.75 Lf Wade International Airport Somerset Village
$ 9.75 - $ 14.10 Lf Wade International Airport St. George's Parish
$ 27.25 - $ 30.25 St. George Cruise Terminal Downtown Hamilton
$ 43.85 - $ 48.55 St. George Cruise Terminal Somerset Village
$ 12.50 - $ 13.90 St. George Cruise Terminal Crystal Caves
$ 9.30 - $ 10.30 St. George Cruise Terminal Ferry Point Park
$ 9.65 - $ 10.75 St. George Cruise Terminal Lf Wade International Airport
$ 6.40 St. George Cruise Terminal St. George Ferry Terminal
$ 12.90 - $ 14.30 St. George Cruise Terminal Clearwater Beach
$ 49.50 - $ 55.00 St. George Cruise Terminal Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 6.40 St. George Cruise Terminal Fort St. Catherine
$ 51.85 Lf Wade International Airport Royal Naval Dockyard Visitor Centre

Because rental cars are not an option in St. George's, many people will turn to taxis to help them see all the sites. Rather than pay per mile, in this instance it makes more sense to hire your taxi for a tour. Taxis with blue flags on them have drivers that have been trained by the government as tour guides, and they can be hired for between $40 and $55.50(USD) per hour for between four and six passengers.


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