Saint George's Buses

Buses may be the cheapest and most memorable transportation option on Grenada

Public transportation in Saint George's centers around the mini buses, which are a lively, colorful, musical way to get around town. Although there is no set schedule, the buses are inexpensive and most agree fun.

If you see a bus on the street – you'll recognize them by their bright colors and painted on names like “Hot Boys” and “Upper Level” – simply wave them down and they'll pick you up. The driver can tell you the route, and you can hop on and enjoy the ride. If there is no one else on the bus, the driver may even be willing to go off course for a price. The chart below details prices for select destinations, and if you're traveling outside of St. George's it is $1.50(USD) for each of the first 10 miles, then $1.10(USD) for each mile after that. You will also be charged an additional $3.70(USD) for transportation between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Bus Fares from St. George's
DestinationCost (USD)
Sauters $1.85
Grenville $1.67
Victoria $1.30
Grand Etang $1.10
La Sagesse $0.93
Annadale $0.75
Westerhall $0.56
Grand Anse $0.37

As you can see, bus fares are inexpensive on Grenada, making it a budget friendly way to move around. Just make sure you are not in a hurry and have an adventure seeking perspective before hoping on a Grenada bus.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Zone 1 to Grand Anse St. George Bus Terminal Lagoon Road Bus Stop, Grand Anse Bus Stop, Belmont Bus Stop Calliste Bus Stop
Zone 2 to Woburn St. George Bus Terminal Springs Bus Stop, Woodlands Bus Stop Woburn Bus Stop
Zone 3 to Marian St. George Bus Terminal Richmond Hill (Fort Frederick) Bus Stop, Morne Jaloux Bus Stop Marian Bus Stop
Zone 4 to Grenville St. George Bus Terminal Beaton Bus Stop, La Tante Bus Stop Grenville Bus Stop
Zone 5 to Victoria St. George Bus Terminal Grand Roy Bus Stop, Gouyave Bus Stop Victoria Bus Stop
Zone 6 to Grenville via Grand Etang St. George Bus Terminal Grand Etang Bus Stop, Birch Grove Bus Stop Grenville Bus Stop
Zone 7-A to New Hampshire St. George Bus Terminal Annandale Bus Stop New Hampshire Bus Stop
Zone 7-B to Mt. Parnassus St. George Bus Terminal River Road Bus Stop, Tempe Bus Stop Mt. Parnassus Bus Stop
Zone 8-A to Happy Hill St. George Bus Terminal Cherry Hill Bus Stop, Fontenoy Bus Stop Happy Hill Bus Stop
Zone 8-B to Mt. Mortiz St. George Bus Terminal Cherry Hill Bus Stop, Fontenoy Bus Stop Mt. Mortiz Bus Stop
Zone 8-C to Brizan St. George Bus Terminal Cherry Hill Bus Stop, Beausejour Bus Stop Brizan Bus Stop

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