Saint George's Rental Cars

Rental car agencies are plentiful in Saint George's

If you have plans to see some of Saint George's most popular attractions like Fort Frederick and the Grenada National Museum but don't want to be at the mercy of a taxi driver or the local bus system, renting a car will be the most convenient option for you.  Rental cars are easy to come by on the island for the most part, but there are a few times a year when you'll want to make sure you've made a reservation well in advance.  

Renting a Car

In order to rent a car in Saint George's you'll need to not only have your driver's license from home, but a local driver's permit.  You can get them at the Central Police Station right in downtown Saint George's, but most rental agencies offer them as well.  The cost is $12(USD) and you will not need to take a driving test.  

The next stipulation is that you be at least 21-years-old, and many agencies will go so far as to ask that drivers be over the age of 25.  If you're concerned about the age requirements or any other issues, the best thing to do is contact your rental agency of choice directly.  There are quite a few agencies on Grenada, but the chart below limits them to those located in Saint George's.  Take a look for contact information.

Review the following table for contact information.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
A&E Rental Cars (473) 435-1444 St. George's
David's Sun Car Rentals (473) 444-3399 Downtown St. George
Dollar Rent-A-Car (473) 444-4786 Dusty Highway - Grand Anse
Fas Car Rentals (473) 443-2293 Grand Anse
M&M Maitland Motor Sales & Rental (473) 444-4022 Grand Anse
Sanvics Jeep & Car Rentals (473) 444-4753 Grand Anse

Always make sure to look over the vehicle for damages before you drive it off the lot, and report any problems with the agency.  You don't want to end up being charges for a tiny nick or ding that was already present when you picked the car up.  When it comes time to return the vehicle, be sure to fill the gas tank up or you will be charged a fee for that.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Car rentals on the island will range between $50 and $75(USD) a day, depending on the type of vehicle you choose to rent as well as any additional features you request.  The rate will include a five percent government tax and if you request, $12 to $15(USD) a day for insurance.  Rates may go down in the low season of tourism in order to up sales, but if you want a deal in the high season, it is best to rent for an extended period of time.  The longer you have the car, the cheaper it is per day.  In some locations, you'll be required to rent for at least three days during the high season.

Driving in Saint George's

With 650 miles of paved roads on Grenada, you could spend plenty of time in your rental car driving around and taking in all the sites.  Most of the roads are kept in good condition, but don't ever let your guard down.  Pot holes, cracks, and other obstacles are out there, and the government has a hard time keeping up with the repairs.  Many of the roads are also steep, winding, narrow, and lack guard rails.  Drive with even more caution from June to November when it is the rainy season and roads are known to get flooded out.  For driving in Saint George's, if you can manage to plan your first time behind the wheel on a Sunday, you'll find that the roads are pretty deserted and you'll be able to drive around and get the lay of the land much easier than you would during the weekday gridlock. 

Driving is done on the left side of the road, and rental cars can come with the steering wheel on either side of the road, so make sure to be specific if you have a preference.  Another concern for many tourists is where to locate gas stations.  Finding a gas station in Saint George's is never a problem. As the capital city and the spot with the most congested traffic, stations are common.  On a final note, if you are traveling with a young child be sure to bring their safety seats from home, as these will not be provided to you by the rental agency.  Regardless of age, seat belts are required by law for all passengers. 

Since you could potentially have issues spotting gas stations, check out the table just below to get a picture of where some of them can be found.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Botanical Gardens Service Station (473) 440-2832 Paddock - Grand Anse
Deco Service Station -- Mt. Gay
Grand Anse Gas Station (473) 444-4755 Grand Anse
Guess Gas Station (473) 435-6928 Burns Point - Grand Anse

Although the driving conditions in Saint George's aren't the best, they aren't the worst either, and a seasoned driver should have no trouble making their way around town – even with the possibility of the steering wheel and the flow of traffic being on a different side of the road than you are used to.


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