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Over-all, the dining scene in Saint George's is laid back.  Grills and quick-service eateries are a favored choice as travelers anxious to get out and enjoy the sites are keen to stop in and dine without a wait.  Whether you're in a hurry or not, you're sure to enjoy the mainly open air dining rooms and heaping plates of savory Caribbean cuisine that can be found in abundance.

Caribbean and Local

BB's Crabback Caribbean Restaurant

For vacationers who like tasting new and interesting recipes that are unique to the regions they visit, Saint George's has a good variety of truly local choices to choose from. Caribbean and American dishes are a couple of the popular selections you'll find in the area. Be sure to remember that you will be able read further details on each of the options on the page by using the links.

Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar is an eating establishment offering pizza and seafood located in Saint George's. Guests of the Lexus Inn can stop by the Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar to dine on Caribbean cuisine and American classics while gazing out at the sea.

BB's Crabback Caribbean Restaurant is a nearby option that's worthy of consideration. Though BB's Crabback originated in London, it truly found its home on the island of Grenada, where locals and visitors alike salivate over the delectable menu of Caribbean favorites and are treated to a welcoming environment every time. Guests can find them on Grand Etang Road.

La Heliconia Restaurant: West Indian cuisine is served up here in a kitchen which uses locally sourced ingredients. Local and international beers, wines, and spirits are available, but it is suggested that you use the homemade rum punch which is made with local rum. Visitors will find them on Maurice Bishop Highway.

The table directly below will show you the 8 different possibilities you can visit in Saint George's.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Saint George's
Name Location Type Phone Number
B B's Crabback Caribbean Restaurant Central Saint George's Caribbean (473) 435-7058
BB's Crabback Caribbean Restaurant Downtown St. George Caribbean (473) 435-7058
Deyna's Tasty Foods 0.7 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown St. George Caribbean (473) 440-6795
La Heliconia Restaurant 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown St. George Caribbean (473) 439-8585
Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar 0.5 mi. East of Downtown St. George American, Caribbean (473) 444-4780
Revo’s Grill & Bar Downtown St. George Caribbean (473) 444-7386
The Nutmeg Downtown St. George Caribbean, Creole (473) 440-2539
Tropicana 0.9 mi. South-Southwest of Downtown St. George Caribbean, Chinese (473) 440-1586

American and Other

In addition to some familiar dining options, you can also try some International food.

Victory Bar & Restaurant offers several different specialties to choose from, including barbecue and pizza. Set on the edge of a natural lagoon, Victory Bar & Restaurant is a hub of activity as yachters and area visitors stop in for fresh food in a friendly atmosphere. The property can be found on Lagoon Road.

Although there happens to be a limited number of such choices possible within Saint George's, you are able to find out more about them from table found below.

American and Other Restaurants in Saint George's
Name Location Type Phone Number
Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar 0.5 mi. East of Downtown St. George American, Caribbean (473) 444-4780
Victory Bar & Restaurant Central Saint George's International (473) 435-7263

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