Saint George's Taxis

Citylife is not complete without taxis, and St. George's is no different

As one of the busiest cities on Grenada, Saint George's is rife with taxis and hailing one on the street is rarely an issue.

Taxi Companies

Although you won't see the yellow taxi cabs of movies on the street, you won't have trouble telling them apart from regular vehicles thanks to the name of the cab company blasted all over the vehicle, plus the letter “H” at the beginning of the tag number on the license plate. Some taxis are sedans, while others are larger minivans to carry more people at once. If for some reason a taxi is unattainable, you can call one of the companies below to arrange pick up.

If you are somewhere where you are unable to flag down a cab, contact one of the services that follow.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
A&E Tours (473) 435-1444 St. George's
AJ Meddy Tour and Taxi -- St. George's
Gabriel's Taxi Service (473) 443-2304 Grand Anse
Pete's Mystique Taxis (473) 440-1671 St. George's

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxi rates here are regulated and set in advance, so you'll never have to negotiate the fare with your driver. Even so, it is best to discuss the cost to make sure you are on the same page. Fares are reasonable, though pricy enough that they can add up quickly; for example, from Saint George's to Grand Anse you'll pay about $10(USD). Tours of the island are also available for about $50(USD) for two and a half hours for up to five passengers.

The following table lists typical taxi fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Saint George's
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 33.00 - $ 35.00 Downtown St. George Sauteurs
$ 8.00 - $ 12.00 Downtown St. George Grand Anse
$ 33.00 - $ 35.00 Downtown St. George Grenville
$ 29.00 - $ 31.00 Downtown St. George La Sagesse Beach
$ 2.75 - $ 3.25 Melville Street Cruise Terminal St. George's
$ 9.95 - $ 11.15 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Grand Etang National Park And Forest
$ 8.85 - $ 9.80 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Westerhall Rum Distillery
$ 7.00 - $ 7.80 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Annandale Waterfalls
$ 9.25 - $ 9.50 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Grand Anse Beach
$ 7.87 - $ 8.70 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Maurice Bishop International Airport
$ 11.00 - $ 11.25 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Morne Rouge Beach
$ 55.00 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Bathway Beach

Taxis may not be the cheapest option, but the ability to personalize routes and having a local driver makes it a great way to get around.


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