Saint George's Transportation

Modern transportation makes getting to St. George's easy

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The cultural and business center of Grenada, Saint George's is the capital city and one of the most popular destinations on the island. From the colorful colonial buildings along the harbor to the forts with subterranean passageways, there is much to explore in this bustling town. Before that can happen; however, you'll have to make your way to Grenada, then determine what mode of transportation you'll use to get around to all of these must-see sites.

Getting There

The most popular mode of transportation for tourists planning a trip in Saint George's is to fly into the one commercial airline of three on the island, which is located within St. George's Parish. More adventurous visitors may choose to sail themselves, which is feasible thanks to the plentiful marinas and yachting services in the parish, but those who don't want the responsibility of sailing themselves can choose to take a cruise and reside in the lap of luxury as they travel.

Getting Around

Walking, driving, sailing, and catching a ride are all plausible transportation options in Saint George's. You should have no trouble getting around no matter which option you choose to make as your main form of transport.

Air Travel

Formerly known as the Point Salines International Airport, the Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) is located directly in Saint George's, and only about five to 15 minutes away from most of the major hotel properties. Set on the most southwestern tip of the island, the airport has two asphalt runways on one strip measuring 9,003 feet long, an Air Terminal Building with five arrival gates and two departure gates as well as a collection of restaurants and shops, giving guests plenty to do while they await their flight. As of August 2013, Bishop International had regularly scheduled services with numerous international carriers.


It is required that international traveler's sail into an official port of entry in order to gain legal clearance to the island.  These ports can be found throughout Grenada, and include one on Carriacou.  Four of them are located in St. George's Parish.  Click here to find out more about in extensive process for sailing to St. George's.  


Cruising to Grenada is a great way to be able to see the island without committing to a full vacation in just one location, and many tourists use the service as an overview of the Caribbean to help them choose where they will spend their next getaway. Grenada does its best to entice tourists to return straight from the beginning, with a Welcome Centre at the north end of the quay called the Melville Street Cruise Terminal. The terminal is located on Saint George's waterfront, making it easy for tourists to make a tour of the parish easy.

Rental Cars

Renting a car in Saint George's is not unlike renting a car in the United States – even some of the names are the same. The best piece of advice you'll get about renting a car here is to make your reservations early, be clear and specific about what you want in a vehicle when you do so (including which side of the vehicle you want your steering wheel to be on), and confirm this information with the rental agency before you get on the plane. This way, you'll know you've done everything you can to have the appropriate vehicle waiting for you when you arrive. For more information about renting a car and driving in Saint George's click here.


For many, taxis will be the way to go, especially if you do not plan on leaving a small area. Additionally, a modern infrastructure and enforced regulations make hailing and using taxis straightforward and east. To see some of the companies you can use, as well as to get an idea of what you will pay, click here.


Since Grenada is a bit small, and centralized around the Southern part, bus service is an option. While you should not expect much in the way of regular schedules, the Grenadine busses are colorful, loud, inexpensive (think less than $1), and an adventure all in themselves. Click here to find out more and see some example fares.


There are a few ferry options on Grenada, especially when planning to head over to Carriacou. While the trip will not be as quick as an airplane, it will be less expensive and give you some time on the water. If this sound like fun, be sure to learn more about your options by clicking here.

Now that you've had a chance to review all of your options, you can begin going forward with booking your trip. Knowing more about each choice gives you a better idea of what traveling in Saint George's will be like for you, which will then make it clear in your mind what is the best choice for you.


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