Transportation Options for Saint Lawrence Gap

Deciding on your transportation method in advance is important, despite the small size of St. Lawrence Gap

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Simply called “The Gap” by locals, St. Lawrence Gap is located on the South Coast of Barbados. The entire town, which has less than one mile of roadways, caters to tourists with numerous resorts, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and of course beaches. Overwhelming, those who stay here arrive on the island by plane, but then will have to decide how to get around, be it by renting a car, hiring a driver, or taking the bus.

Getting There

As an island, the options available to you with regards to arriving in Barbados are limited to air and sea travel. The most popular form of transportation is flight, however, plenty of people arrive as part of a cruise and still others will even sail themselves. Your preferences will determine the choice you make at this stage of your vacation preparation.

Getting Around

Planning how you'll get around the Gap is unique thanks to the town's small size, yet there are just as many options available to tourists here as anywhere else on the island.

Air Travel

Flying is by far the most popular way to get to Barbados. Located less than seven miles away, Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is closer to Saint Lawrence Gap than it is to the capital city of Bridgetown. As such, those flying to the island may find Saint Lawrence Gap to be the most convenient area of Barbados to stay.

For more information on air transportation in Saint Lawrence Gap, be sure to vist our Air Travel Guide by clicking here.


While not the easiest island to sail to, it is possible to take a private boat to Barbados. If your destination is in Saint Lawrence Gap, though, you will first need to head over to Bridgetown or Speightstown and be cleared by customs. After that you are free to head to Saint Lawrence Gap, a popular area for coastal activities.


If you choose to sail to Barbados by cruise, you'll originally dock at the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal and be required to make your way to the Gap on your own. This isn't a difficult task, because there is a bus stop at the terminal, taxis are regularly available, and many rental car agencies will meet you at the docks with your rental if you book in advance.

Rental Cars international rental car agencies...


Because there are no international rental car agencies in Barbados, you may think that you're in for a unique experience when you rent a vehicle inSaint Lawrence Gap. In fact, the process is probably quite similar to what you'd experience back home. You'll need to be 21, have been driving for three years, and have a driver's license. You will have to purchase a local permit for $5(USD), but the rental agency will help you with the process, and you can quickly fill out the paperwork, confirm your price (which will probably be around $100 a day), and be on your way.

When you get on the road, remember to stick to the left side for driving, like you would if you were in Europe, and to note that road signs are posted in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. Local drivers are friendly and helpful, so don't worry about upsetting anyone as you get used to driving conditions in this small town. Find out more when you click here.


There is no question that taxis in Barbados are expensive, but they serve a purpose and can be very useful. This is especially true in the Gap, which is small enough that many tourists may assume that renting a car is unnecessary and they can walk, or hail a cab when needed. Taxis here operate using set rates, so you won't find a meter ticking as the driver moves along. This makes it all the more important that you settle on the rate of the ride before you begin the trip, so nobody is confused or caught off guard when you arrive at your final destination. Click here to view our guide to Saint Lawrence Gap Taxis, where you will find a complete rate chart.


Low prices, easily marked routes, and buses that are easy to spot out on the road make the public buses in Saint Lawrence Gap one of the better transportation systems in the Caribbean.  Tourists who want to save money or get a true feel for what life on the island is like find this way of getting around to be ideal for them, plus it encourages a slower pace of life and more laid back attitude.  

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Air, sea, and land transportation options are all available to consider as you plan a vacation in Saint Lawrence Gap. Make sure to at least briefly review every possibility so that you will find the perfect way to get to Barbados and around Saint Lawrence Gap for your getaway.


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