Accommodations in Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie caters to the self-serving tourist, with guest houses and villas serving as the most popular choice for lodgings.  These aren't any generic condos either.  Each is in the style of a provincial French home, with a hint of island-style to add flare. 

Hotels In and Around Sainte Marie

La Résidence Goélette

There are multiple categories of hotels to select in and around the area, including some luxury and standard hotels. Click on their names to read more details.

Le Domaine St. Aubin is one property of this type situated in southeastern Sainte Marie. A sprawling colonial manor in the middle of a lovey park, Le Domaine Saint Aubin is a family-owned property known for its charming spirit, elegance, and history. If you're looking to call before making reservations, do so at (059) 669-3477.

French Coco is a property worth considering near Sainte Marie. The property consists of 17 elegant suites made of raw and natural materials. The wooden furniture is Caribbean inspired, while the rest of the decor is elegant and consists of clean lines. They are situated at 33 La Distillerie.

Anybody looking for a place to stay with good swimming facilities, one destination to consider is La Résidence Goélette. Discover the island of Martinique from the Karibea La Résidence Goélette. Situated on the Caravelle peninsula and facing the sea, this hotel complex is the perfect site for starting out on excursions in order to explore the north side of the island. Reach them at 596 (0) 596 58 65 30.

Take some time to look through the table below to read more about hotel possibilities.

Hotels Around Sainte Marie
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
French Coco Hotel (059) 638-1010


5.7 mi. East of Central Sainte Marie
Hôtel Le Manguier Hotel (059) 658-4895


5.2 mi. East-Southeast of Central Sainte Marie
La Résidence Goélette Hotel 596 (0) 596 58 65 30


5.6 mi. East of Central Sainte Marie
Le Domaine St. Aubin Guest house (059) 669-3477


1.1 mi. Southeast of Central Sainte Marie

Condos and Villa Complexes Near Sainte Marie

If you are not in the market for a more typical hotel, you might consider renting a nearby condo or villa.

If you are looking for an accommodation with good swimming facilities and pool-side amenities, one location to consider is Residence Oceane. We are situated in a tranquil place with cooling ocean breezes. Residence Oceane consists of wooden Creole bungalows surrounded by bougainvilliers You can call them at 05 96 58 73 73.

The following table has more information on the the one option of this type.

Condo and Villa Complexes Near Sainte Marie
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Residence Oceane Apartment building 05 96 58 73 73


6.3 mi. East of Central Sainte Marie Martinique

Feel free to also check out all the various accommodations located around Martinique here.

Camping and Eco-Tourism Near Sainte Marie

Nature enthusiasts might want to think about the one eco-tourism property near Sainte Marie. Alongside the typical hotel choices, you can find an eco-lodge.

Guests looking to book their stay near Sainte Marie should consider accommodations like Hotel La Caravelle. Nestled between the beautiful and exotic beaches of L'Anse-L'Etang and La Breche Beach, Hotel La Caravelle is a cozy and comfortable hotel is perfect for a intimate beach getaway. You can find them on Route du Chateau Dubuc.

Eco-Accommodations Near Sainte Marie
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Hotel La Caravelle Lodge (059) 658-0732


5.8 mi. East of Central Sainte Marie Martinique

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