Attractions in Sainte Marie

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Sainte Marie is not the type of destination that someone who wants to keep busy tends to lean towards visiting.  The town's quiet nature and its Atlantic coast beaches are the main attractions, and most guests will find that most of their time is spent outdoors. 


You will find a large selection of beaches to enjoy in and around the area. Just click on the beach names for detailed information about that specific beach.

Plage de Cosmy: Swimming and snorkeling at this beach is nice because the waters are calm, but the white sand lined by coconut palms are also a beauty to behold despite the small amount of land that the beach covers. The beach can get busy on weekends, but during the week it is nice and calm.

Another location to consider is Anse Bonneville. With plenty of trees growing right on the beach, visitors can enjoy the sand in shade, while those seeking sun can easily find a spot of their own.

Anse l'Entang: Serving mostly the resorts and villas in the area, Anse l'Entang is often busy with tourist and locals from the nearby villages.

These are only a few of your options. Click here to read our extended discussion of beaches for Sainte Marie.


If you like to expand your knowledge of unfamiliar places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your time in Sainte Marie.

One popular destination is Musee de la Banane. It is located in Sainte Marie. A working banana plantation, guests are invited to learn even the most obscure facts about bananas. There are even displays of its depiction in art.

The chart right below lists more information on a museum in the area.

Museums In Sainte Marie
Name Phone Location Island
Musee de la Banane (059) 676-2709 0.5 mi. South West of Central Sainte Marie Martinique

Historical Sites

Do you enjoy discovering the history of the places you visit? If so, you might want to visit one or two of these historical sites while vacationing in Sainte Marie.

Take a minute to read the table below for more information about historical sites near Sainte Marie.

Historic Sites Near Sainte Marie
Name Phone Location
Château Dubuc -- 7.0 mi. East of Central Sainte Marie
Dubuc Castle -- 7.9 mi. East of Central Sainte Marie
Habitation Fonds Saint-Jacques (059) 669-1012 1.5 mi. Northwest of Central Sainte Marie

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you want to spend part of your vacation seeing the local flaura and fauna? You can experience one hiking trail and two nature preserves near Sainte Marie.

Nature Reserve of La Caravelle is a nature preserve located 5.9 mi. East-Southeast of central Sainte Marie. Take a walk through the Martinique countryside when you traverse this nature reserve and explore this important protected area.

Check the chart below if you want more information.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Sainte Marie
Name Type Location
Jesuits' Trail Hiking Trail 4.1 mi. West of Central Sainte Marie
Nature Reserve of La Caravelle Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.9 mi. East-Southeast of Central Sainte Marie

Botanical Gardens

Visitors can enjoy a botanical garden nearby.

If you enjoy tropical vegetation, consider visiting Balata Botanical Gardens, which is located 9.9 mi. South West of central Sainte Marie. The garden has over 3,000 different types of tropical plants from around the world, including 300 types of palm trees! Other plants here include anthuriums, bamboo, begonias, bromeliads, cycads, heliconia, and mahogany.

Gardens Near Sainte Marie
Name Type Location Island
Balata Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 9.9 mi. South West of Central Sainte Marie Martinique

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