Buses in Sainte Marie

Relying on the bus to get around Sainte Marie may not be the best option, but you can possibly use the service if you'll be sightseeing in other areas of the island.

The buses here are called Taxi Collectifs and recognizable by the letters “TC” on the license plate.  You'll need to know this, because the buses don't take the appearance of the large vehicle you are probably used to in your hometown. They are actually minibuses and minivans that travel along main roads.  

As previously mentioned, you won't be able to count on the bus to get you around Sainte Marie for your day-to-day travel.  There is only one stop in town, and it is used by travelers heading in and out of town, usually to travel to Fort de France.  If you plan on doing some sightseeing in that area of the island, this is a great way to make it happen.  Just make sure you get back on the bus before 6:00 p.m., because they don't travel any later in the day than that.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Northeast Route Fort de France Bus Terminal Lamentin Bus Stop, Le Robert Bus Stop, Trinite Bus Stop, Ste. Marie Bus Stop, Marigot Bus Stop Lorrain Bus Stop

Taking the bus in and out of Sainte Marie is a great way to see the island.  Even if you can't use the service more locally, it still has its uses and many tourists find that they save a great deal of money taking the bus rather than hiring a taxi or renting a car.  


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