Restaurant Options in Sainte Marie

If you're the type of tourist that feels it is important to sample the local cuisine when you're on vacation, than Sainte Marie is a great destination for you.  Here, the restaurants offer homestyle meals that allow you to eat just like a local would.  

Caribbean and Local

Vacationers will have a handful of opportunities to enjoy local dishes and flavors during their time in Sainte Marie. Creole and Caribbean dishes are among the popular selections you'll find in the area. Be sure to remember that you can click on the restaurant names to read additional details.

Le Ti Punch Coco is laid-back and casual located in the heart of Sainte Marie. A warm and friendly restaurant that specializes in Creole cuisine, Le Ti Punch Coco is a great spot to order up some good food and relax.

Le Colibri Parfumé has a couple of specialties to enjoy, including desserts and seafood. A family friendly restaurant known for hosting special events and parties, Le Colibri Parfume is just the setting you need to unwind with some hearty, good food. The property is situated at 33 rue Colibris Morne des Esses.

Le Point de Vue: When you want a filling lunch in a cozy setting, there is nothing better than Le Point de Vue -- especially if you are partial to Creole style seafood.

The table directly below collects all 4 different possibilities you can visit inside Sainte Marie.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Sainte Marie
Name Location Type Phone Number
Le Colibri Parfumé Central Sainte Marie Creole (059) 669-9195
Le Point de Vue Central Sainte Marie Creole (059) 669-0522
Le Ti Punch Coco Central Sainte Marie Caribbean --
Saint James Central Sainte Marie Caribbean (059) 669-0733

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