Sainte Marie Transportation

Transportation options in Sainte Marie cover all of your bases

Located on the northeast side of the island with access to the Atlantic Ocean, Sainte Marie is a top tourist destination thanks to the beautiful white sand beaches that are great for watersports.  The transportation options getting here and all over the island are plentiful, but as with most places in the Caribbean it is important to make arrangements in advance – especially if you're visiting at the height of tourist season. 

Air Travel

Air France, Air Canada, and American Airlines are the major carriers that fly to Martinique on a regular basis.  But they aren't the only airlines that make the trip to this French-speaking island.  If you can't get a direct flight through one of these airlines, booking a flight to another island in the Caribbean and then flying aboard a regional carrier is the way to go.  Find out how to make this happen by clicking here


If you're thinking of sailing yourself to Sainte Marie from international waters, you'll find conditions to be nice and customs and immigrations officials to be easy to work with.  Even if you don't sail your own boat there are plenty of ways to get out on the water, whether you sign up for a day trip or you charter a boat to sail around yourself for a few days.  Learn more here


Martinique is a very popular cruise stop with both major mega lines and smaller intimate cruise ships.  There are two cruise terminals in Fort de France within moments of each other and although it is rare for a ship to host an excursion to Sainte Marie, it is easy to use local ground transportation to get to town. 

Rental Cars

Sainte Marie is one place in the Caribbean where renting a car is recommended.  The town has good roads and is known for safe drivers.  You can pick up your rental from the airport or from one of the local agencies in town, but be aware that the local businesses tend to offer older model cars.  Click here for details about renting and tips on driving. 


The most important thing to know about taking a taxi in Sainte Marie is that prices are high, so you'll need to make sure to budget accordingly.  Outside of the fact that you'll rarely spend less than $25(USD) for a ride, there is nothing to recommend against using the service, and most tourists report a great experience.  Click here for price details and contact information for local taxi operators. 


Bus service in Sainte Marie is far more limited than places like Fort de France, but there are a few that travel through town for anywhere from five to nine Euros depending on the destination.  These buses are actually mini buses called Taxi Collectifs and you'll find their routes listed on the side door.  Find out more here


Although there is no ferry service that directly affects Sainte Marie, there are a few ferries on Martinique to be aware of.  The first is a local service which travels between Fort de France, Pointe du Bout, Anse Mitan, Anse a L'an, and Trois Ilet throughout the day every day of the week for between $5 and $7(USD) one way.  The other is an international service with L'Express des Iles which provides transportation to St. Lucia, Dominica , and Guadeloupe on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for $135(USD) round trip.

It may not seem like it, but planning in advance for transportation is one of the best things you can do to aid in making your Sainte Marie getaway easy and stress free.  Every arrangement you can make in advance of your trip will only help to make things go more smoothly at every turn. 


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