Beaches on Salt Cay

Photo credit: © Filip Kulisev,Master QEP, FBIPP

Check the north coast of Salt Cay for its best beaches, where you'll find smooth, soft sands and calm waters.  The other beaches around the island are hit or miss, featuring a rockier landscape which makes it less enjoyable for a day of lounging.  If beachcombing is a hobby that interests you, by all means explore.

Pick Your Ideal Beach

There are a good group of beaches to consider on and near the island. Snorkeling is an option at some locations, for visitors who enjoy this relaxing pastime. Click on the beach names for a detailed article concerning that particular stretch of sand.

North Beach

If you love snorkeling, a location providing that option is Balfour Beach. A small paved parking area is available for visitors right along the beach, and parking along the closest street is also a possibility.

Another location for beach-goers to consider is Cotton Cay. Cotton Cay is an unpopulated beach situated in the Salt Cay District. Visitors often report that they have stumbled upon their very own private paradise when they make the trip to the small stretch of land.

East Cay: East Cay Island is a tiny island located in the Turks and Caicos island chain, not far from Cotton Cay and Salt Cay. It is one of the many uninhabited islands in the chain that is used primarily for day trips to secluded beaches.

Take a moment to look through the table below if you want more information.

Beaches On and Near Salt Cay
Name Location Island Coast
Balfour Beach 0.2 mi. North of Central Balfour Town Salt Cay West
Big Sand Cay 0.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central Big Sand Cay Big Sand Cay South West
Cotton Cay 0.3 mi. South of Central Cotton Cay Cotton Cay South
East Cay 4.0 mi. East of Central Cotton Cay East Cay North West
North Beach 1.7 mi. Northeast of Central Balfour Town Salt Cay North East
South Point 1.0 mi. South of Central Balfour Town Salt Cay South West

Keep in mind, Salt Cay has other attractions. For more about other attractions, visit this page.


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