Salt Cay Transportation Options

You'll need to do a little work to plan your transportation to and around Salt Cay

A remote island just south of Grand Turk, Salt Cay is not the most popularly visited island in the Turks and Caicos, but it is a great location if you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy daily schedule. The slow pace of life may be just what you've been looking for – but getting here takes some doing. Begin planning now, so you ensure all of your transportation needs are taken care of in the end.

Getting There

A visit to Salt Cay requires some work, simply because there is no direct entry to the island. Whether flying, sailing, or cruising, you'll first stop on either Providenciales, Grand Turk, or South Caicos. Once you've cleared customs, you'll be able to take the final leg of your journey to Salt Cay.

Air Travel

Flying directly to Salt Cay isn't a possibility. Your first stop along the way will be an international fight to Providenciales International Airport (PLS) on Providenciales. From there, you can fly with local carriers Intercaribbean Airways and Caicos Express Airways to Salt Cay. If you'll be staying on Grand Turk, it is also possible to arrange a flight from the JAGS Mccartney International Airport (GDT) with the same domestic airlines, though the flight will be a few minutes shorter.

Find out more about flying to Salt Cay Airport (SLX) by clicking here.


While Salt Cay is a great destination for those who want to sail to their Caribbean getaway, it is important to know that you can't sail direct. Your first stop will have to be at another island in the chain that is considered an official port of entry to gain clearance with customs officials before continuing on. Find out everything you need to know about the process by clicking here


One of the most popular ways to visit Turks and Caicos is aboard a cruise that makes several stops around the Caribbean. The cruise terminal is located on Grand Turk, but once cruise passengers have exited the ship, they are free to head to JAGS Mccartney International Airport and hop a quick flight to Salt Cay. Daily flights make exploring this island rather than sticking to Grand Turk a feasible – if slightly pricey – option.

Getting Around

Salt Cay is considered one of the best islands in the Turks chain to get away from it all – and they truly mean get away from it all, including most forms of transportation. There are no taxis or rental cars available to get you around this 2.5 square mile swatch of land; yet, this doesn't mean you have to travel everywhere on foot.

Golf carts are a recommended source of transportation and can be rented from Salt Cay Riders for $55(USD) for a single seat or $65(USD) for a double seat. A weekly rental will cost $300 to $350(USD) and include one tank of gas. You may also choose to rent bicycles, or stick to walking. Some accommodations offer transportation for guests, so call your villa or hotel to find out their policy.

Planning a trip to Salt Cay can be a little more work than other islands in the chain that have many more transportation options available to them, but the beautiful, serene nature of the island will have you convinced that every step of the planning process was worth it.


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