San German Attractions

Outside of San Juan, San German is the oldest settlement in the island of Puerto Rico.  For tourists, this means there is a lot of history to be seen and felt, from the more than 400 year old church which overlooks one of two town squares to the museum which lays it all out for you peace by peace.  While there are no beaches directly in San German, it takes just 20 minutes to get to some of the most picturesque stretches of sand around, and along the way there are several natural attractions to explore. 


Boqueròn Beach

You'll discover several beaches to consider visiting, though they are all found in neighboring areas. You can click on the name of the beach to get additional information concerning that section of the coast.

If you are looking for a snorkeling spot, a place with that option is Boqueròn Beach. An array of activities and amenities await visitors to Boqueron Beach. Water sports galore are at your fingertips, along with scuba diving, snorkeling, bike rentals, basketball, and cabin rentals.

A second location that beach-goers can consider is Cabo Rojo Beaches. Cabo Rojo's location along the south west coast means that the waters fed into its beaches come from the Caribbean Sea. This makes each beach great for families, since the waters are almost always calm and the sand is soft.

Attractions Map

Buyé Beach: Backed by several resort properties, brush, and trees, Buye Beach features bright white sand, and waters that vary from clear to deep blue.

These are just a sample of what's available. To reach our full guide to beaches, navigate to this page.


Assuming you enjoy expanding your knowledge of other cultures and places, you might enjoy visiting a museum while on vacation in San German.

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Museo Historico de Las Piedras. It is located in southern San German. Visitors that are interested in the area's roots are welcomed to explore what the museum has to offer. Featuring several exhibits of different focuses, guests will gain a first hand account of the everyday history.

The following chart summarizes a few details regarding a museum you might enjoy in San German.

Museums In San German
Name Phone Location Island
Museo Historico de Las Piedras (787) 733-2160 1.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central San German Puerto Rico

Natural Attractions

Reserva Natural Laguna De Joyuda

One of the more popular natural attractions is Reserva Natural Laguna De Joyuda. This saltwater lagoon generally only reaches a maximum depth for around four feet, making it a prime location for the migratory and local birds that feed on the small fish here. Also noteworthy, is that at night the water actually flows thanks to micro-organisms in the water.

Needless to say, you'll find other choices. Click to visit our extended discussion of natural attractions in and around San German.


Puerto Rico Casinos

Feeling Lucky? Guests interested in testing their luck can find a few venues where they can do so nearby.

Paradise Island Casino, which is part of Mayagüez Resort & Casino, is located 12.3 mi. Northwest of central San German. How lucky do you think you are? Find out if you're right when you visit Paradise Island Casino at the Mayagüez Resort & Casino.

If you like slot machines, you should check out Holiday Inn Mayaguez Casino. Your vacation continues on inside El Tropical Casino, with its island-style decor that prevents you from feeling as though you're cooped up indoors.

The casinos close to San German are shown right below.

Gambling Near San German
Name Located At Phone Location
Holiday Inn Mayaguez Casino Holiday Inn & El Tropical Casino Mayagüez (787) 833-1971 13.5 mi. Northwest of Central San German
Paradise Island Casino Mayagüez Resort & Casino (787) 831-7575 12.3 mi. Northwest of Central San German

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