Taxis in San German

San German's taxis are multi-functional

Whether you'd like to drive around town to take in the Spanish colonial style architecture that the urban center of town is comprised of, or you prefer to utilize the service for quick jaunts from one specific spot to the next, taxis in San German are available to take care of all of your transportation needs.

Taxi Companies

When you're out in San German on foot, the best way to spot a local taxi is to be on the lookout for the words "Taxi Turistico" scrawled across the front of the vehicle. At times the logo of the specific operator will also be presented on the back doors. The majority of taxis are painted white, though a few exceptions exist.

If you spot a driver on the street it is generally because they just dropped someone else off. Here, the drivers tend to wait until a call has been placed for pickup rather than circle aimlessly looking for passengers. This means you'll want to keep a few numbers on hand so you can call and order a ride when necessary.

If you'd like to make reservations for a taxi to be ready for you at a preset location and time, you should contact any of these these taxi companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Caborrojena Taxi Line (787) 851-1252 32 Calle Munoz Rivera - Cabo Rojo
Lajena Taxi Line (787) 899-1553 Lajas
Public Car Terminal (787) 255-4255 Cabo Rojo
San German Taxi Line (787) 892-1076 San German

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Maybe it's because drivers aren't so keen to drive around looking for work, but the cost to take a cab in this town is a bit higher than many other spots in Puerto Rico. Although the base rate of $1(USD) is low, you will then be charged $2.50(USD) for each two-thirds mile traveled based how the in-car meter calculates distance. $2.50(USD) may not seem like a lot, but it can add up quickly as you make your way across town.

The following chart provides a few cab fares for the area.

Typical Fares Around San German
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 23.68 - $ 26.18 Boqueron San German
$ 17.55 - $ 19.39 San German La Parguera
$ 24.60 - $ 27.15 Mayagüez San German
$ 195.00 - $ 216.00 Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport San German
$ 32.53 - $ 39.75 Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport San German

If you plan to utilize taxis to take you around to all of the local attractions, you may considering negotiating an hourly rate with your driver to save you time and money. Some even act as pretty phenomenal tour guides and will be able to fill you in on local history and culture as well. These drivers will most certainly earn your praise and a tip. The going rate is about 10 to 15 percent of your total bill.

Taxis fill what would otherwise by a gaping void in the transportation industry of San German, allowing tourists who don't want to or can't drive themselves to still enjoy a private ride. Although you'll need to consider whether this option fits into your budget, there is no other reason to discourage their use as a main source of transport for tourists.


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