San Ignacio Accomodation Options

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Surrounded by numerous Mayan ruins, San Ignacio is located in one of the most frequented areas of Belize by tourists who can't get enough of these mysterious structures. Luckily, the accommodations options here are endless, with dozens of hotels, resorts, villas, and even eco-friendly properties within easy driving distance of these well-loved attractions.


Ka Ana Resort

San Ignacio offers accommodation possibilities that will appeal to nearly every type of traveler. Find glitzy resorts, low-cost accommodations, and much more in between. Read further info about each property by using the links.

Tennis enthusiasts and their families often enjoy booking their stay at San Ignacio Resort Hotel, as they have some good tennis facilities. Each of the luxuriously appointed rooms and suites at San Ignacio Hotel offers a broad range of modern amenities like a private bathroom, high-speed Internet access, air-conditioning, satellite TV, and comfortable furnishings. They're located at 18 Buena Vista Street.

If you prefer to stay at a exclusive accommodation, Ka Ana Resort is probably a nice spot to begin your search. Ka'ana Boutique Luxury Resort is a small, but luxurious resort located conveniently near the Cavo District. Guests who plan to soak up all of the attractions offered in Belize, from historical to adventurous, will be right near all the action. The property can be found on Mile 69 1 4 Benque Viego Road.

Anyone looking for an accommodation with good swimming facilities, one destination to consider is Cahal Pech Village Resort. While planning your next vacation to the beautiful Mayan-influenced Cayo District in Belize, consider the Cahal Pech Village Resort. This facility is your gateway to everything related to tropical culture and Mayan history. If you want to be sure they're open , call them at (501) 824-3740.

Of course, you can find many other choices too. Visit this article about more available hotels if you want additional details.

Condos and Villa Complexes In San Ignacio

If you are not really in the market for a more typical hotel, you just might want to consider renting one of the area's nearby condos or villas.

One option of this type is shown here:

Condo and Villa Complexes In San Ignacio
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Framadani Villas Apartment building (561) 210-7015


1.7 mi. Northeast of Central San Ignacio Belize

You can see a full listing of accommodations for Belize here.

Camping and Eco-Tourism

The Lodge At Chaa Creek

Nature enthusiasts and their families will want to think about the selection of eco-tourist options offered in the area.

Vacationers wanting to book their stay in San Ignacio will be interested in properties like The Lodge At Chaa Creek. The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a private 340-acre nature reserve set along the banks of the Macal River in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. For anyone looking for expeditions that are physically and intellectually stimulating, as well as affordable family vacations, Belizean wedding, honeymoon or Maya adventure vacation packages, or visitors who just wish to relax in comfort while experiencing one of the world’s most vibrant rainforest environments, The Lodge at Chaa Creek continually strives to show all guests what makes Belize truly special. If you want to call before making reservations, do so at (501) 824-2037.

Crystal Paradise Resort is a popular choice in San Ignacio. Crystal Paradise Resort is one of the few resorts in Belize that is still owned and managed by a Belizean Family, the Tuts. It is located in the lush jungle and alongside the beautiful Macal River, a secluded location surrounded by tons of fruits trees among many other species of trees; these trees serve as home to over 200 species of birds within a 3 mile radius. If you want to be sure they're open , call them at (501) 834-4016.

Those who prefer to stay at a high-end property, Mahogany Hall Resort is probably a nice place to start your search. Known as the "jewel of the jungle," Mahogany Hall Resort is a colonial mansion set on the Mopan River with luxury amenities and an attentive staff. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before booking a room, do so at (501) 844-4047.

Those planning to visit San Ignacio will have a wider range of eco-related accommodation choices too. For more in formation concerning the eco-accommodations offered, visit this page.

Individual Villas

You should have no problem finding a good selection of standalone villas in San Ignacio. Many of them offer renters an individually designed style and feel. The table directly below provides you with a few details regarding the 4 available individual rental properties.

Individual Villas In San Ignacio
Name Phone Number Bedrooms Bathrooms Location
Casa Nan (501) 663-4110 -- -- 0.4 mi. East of Central San Ignacio
Eva's Cottage (501) 834-4015 1 1 0.4 mi. North-Northeast of Central San Ignacio
Kumquat Cottage (501) 834-4015 -- -- 0.1 mi. Northwest of Central San Ignacio
Timber Homes (501) 824-3086 -- -- Central San Ignacio

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some visitors enjoy the added certainty of an all-inclusive package. There are several explanations why these plans are successful. Among other reasons, they provide the simplest way to predict the full cost of your vacation with considerable accuracy.

Visitors looking to book their stay in San Ignacio should consider choices like The Lodge At Chaa Creek. There are 24 luxury thatched-roof cottages at Chaa Creek that come with all the amenities you wil expect from a quality lodge. For more basic accommodations that take you even closer to nature, you may want to consider staying in the Macal River Camp. If you are looking to call before making reservations, you can do so at (501) 824-2037.

If you and your family would rather book a stay at a exclusive property, Mystic River Resort is probably a good spot to start looking. Mystik River Resort currently has five studios and three one bedroom suites, and are in the process of adding a two-bedroom suite and another two one-bedroom suites. All of their suites feature a king sized bed, private patio overlooking the Majestic Macal River and fireplaces which come in very handy during the very wet season. Visitors will find them on Mile 6 Cristo Rey Road.

Those needing to find out about more concerning properties with inclusive pricing, follow this link.


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