San Ignacio Rental Cars

The drive to San Ignacio is made more personalized when you rent a car and do it yourself

After arriving in Belize by plane, you'll arrive in Ladyville at the international airport and then have to make your way to San Ignacio. Most people choose to do so by renting a car and driving themselves. Driving in Belize can be a unique experience, so those with these plans should take the time to learn what they'll be encountering before making their final arrangements.

Renting a Car

Your first encounter with rental cars in Belize will be at the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport. They are located across the main parking lot, and are the perfect place to pick up your vehicle before embarking on the drive to San Ignacio. Some tourists will prefer to wait until they arrive in San Ignacio before getting their rental, and they'll hire someone to drive them.

Take a look at the following chart for a few rental agencies in this area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Cayo Auto Rentals (501) 824-2222 81 Benque Viejo Road - San Ignacio
Flames Auto Rental (501) 824-3198 Joseph Andrews Drive - San Ignacio
Matus Car Rentals (501) 824-2005 18 Benque Viejo Road - San Ignacio

Many offer free drop off at your hotel, so you may want to call and find out if this is an option for you. You can also take this time to find out if there is an age requirement for renting a car. Most suggest that renters be 21 or older, but some have other rules. All drivers will need a valid driver's license, which may include the International Driver's License.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Depending on which type of car you rent, you'll spend somewhere between $60 and $140(USD) a day to rent a car in San Ignacio. If you plan on staying in town and only using the vehicle to get you from your hotel to the beach, or out to dinner every night, a smaller sedan might be idea for you; however, if exploring the countryside is on the agenda, you'll want to make sure you have an SUV to help navigate some of the more treacherous roads. Another safety measure you can take is to make sure everything is in working order and that all fluids have been recently topped off.

Other Helpful Info

Western Highway, one of four main roads in Belize, runs right through the center of San Ignacio. The town is small enough that it is easy to get around on foot, but the number of paved roads here makes driving just as plausible. The main area of San Ignacio centers around Burns Avenue, making it a great landmark to look out for if you get lost.

When you're driving in San Ignacio be aware that traffic moves to the right and seat belts are required. Speed limits are posted in miles per hour. You'll find gas stations to be available in high numbers, but come prepared with cash because not all of them accept credit cards.

If you venture out of San Ignacio, you'll encounter a lot of unpaved roads which require vehicles made for off-roading. Proceed exploring with caution because roadside service is non-existent and if you get stuck in the mud you'll be in trouble.

Most tourists are discouraged from driving a car in Belize, but if you know what you're up against you'll be able to make the experience as enjoyable as driving anywhere else.


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