Nightlife in San Juan

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So much happens on the streets of San Juan each night that the biggest problem you'll have is deciding how to divide your time.  Cultural events with a focus on the arts, nightclubs, laid back bars, casinos, movies, and more are all at your fingertips on any given night of the week, but keep in mind that the parties tend to get started late, so plan to be out until the early hours of the morning if you don't want to miss a beat.

If you're one who doesn't necessarily want a late night out, but would rather spend your time learning all that you can about the local arts scene, pick up a copy of ¡Qué Pasa!  This is the island's official visitors guide and it is constantly updated with lists of live music, theatrical performances, art opening, and other opportunities.

As previously mentioned, the club scene gets going late in San Juan.  So late, in fact, that you may be able to attend an art opening, grab dinner at 9:30 p.m., and then head to a local bar.  During the week, bars and clubs usually stay open until 2:00 a.m. and on weekends hours extend until 4:00 a.m.  Most bars do not have a cover charge, while the clubs often do. 

Outside of the club scene, another options for your late night exploits is to hit one of the area's casinos.  Nearly all of the larger resorts in San Juan have a casino on property, so if you're over the age of 18 you can step into the glamorous doors, step up to a table game, and see where the chips fall. 

You'll find a variety of different places to relax after hours and some gambling sites located in San Juan. To learn more regarding gambling, check out this extended discussion.

If you'd like to experience some of the local night scene, you should consider Club Brava. It is located in Isla Verde, San Juan. The place to see and be seen, this venue is part nightclub, part lounge, with an electric atmosphere, great music, and sophistication galore.

A second place worth considering is Marullo Bar & Tapas. Known as one of the hottest venues in town, this is a great spot to grab a few drinks and snack on tapas before the live music and the dancing under the stars begins. The party usually goes late, so many sure to wear comfortable dancing shoes. They can be reached at (787) 946-0233.

A third option is Di Zucchero Lounge. A hip and modern lounge complete with live music and fun people looking to have a good time. The lounge at Di Zucchero has made this popular lunch and dinner spot one of the most popular night spots for locals and visitors as well. They're found within Condado District, in northern San Juan.

Take a moment to read the table just below to learn more about nightlife.

Nightlife In San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
101 Lounge Lounge (787) 791-3327 Condado District
65 Sport Bar Bar (787) 765-7704 Rio Piedras
Alfredo Spot Bar Bar (787) 825-2881 Ocean Park
Arroyo Carrasquillo Roberto Bar (787) 781-2029 Ocean Park
Bamboobei Beach Lounge Lounge (787) 253-0938 Pinones, Eastern part of San Juan
Bar El Arbolito Bar (787) 795-5340 Miramar
Bar El Oasis Del Domino Bar (787) 723-3794 Condado District
Bar Los Panchos Bar (787) 768-8985 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Billar Dionis Bar (787) 268-6126 Condado District
Black Ice The Club Bar (787) 421-2635 Little London
Cachondeo Disco Pub Bar (787) 725-7458 Condado District
Camaleao Sport Bar Bar (787) 767-6944 Rio Piedras
Casa Don Q Bar (787) 977-1720 Old San Juan
Celine's Cocktail Lounge Lounge (787) 722-5155 Hato Rey
Club Brava Bar (787) 791-2781 Isla Verde, Eastern part of San Juan
Costa Azul Wine And Lounge Lounge (787) 200-4423 Isla Verde
Crash Bar (787) 722-1390 Condado District
Danny's Living Room Bar (787) 724-3384 Condado District
Di Zucchero Lounge Lounge (787) 946-0835 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central San Juan
Douglas Pubs Bar (787) 721-5510 Ocean Park
El Farolito Bar (787) 725-3949 Old San Juan
El Ocho De Blanco Bar (787) 274-2681 Rio Piedras
El Siete De La Suerte Bar (787) 722-4506 Miramar
Frenchy's Club Bar (787) 722-3650 Condado District
Gipsy King Court Bar (787) 765-1894 Hato Rey
Giselle Bar (787) 721-8989 Condado District
Goddess The Club Bar (787) 721-6129 Condado District
Gonzalez Ana Bar (787) 276-7540 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Hot Wings Sports Tv & Grill Bar (787) 273-6446 Hato Rey
Isis Gentlemans Club Bar (787) 722-6869 Condado District
Joseph Pub Bar (787) 721-5483 Monacillo, Southern part of San Juan
Josue Marquez Pub Bar (787) 274-8097 Hato Rey
Khorsandi Abbas Bar (787) 754-8661 Rio Piedras
Lakeside Club Bar (787) 283-1550 Miramar
Lemon Drop Bar & Lounge Lounge (787) 587-3828 Hato Rey
Lienzo Bar (787) 725-3539 Condado District
Lips Gentlemen Club Bar (787) 250-0571 Hato Rey
Liquor Store San Jose Bar (787) 777-8987 Rio Piedras
Logan's Irish Pub & Restaurant Bar (787) 274-0781 Rio Piedras
Marullo Bar & Tapas Bar (787) 946-0233 Condado District
Mateo Soto Norberto Bar (787) 281-2932 Hato Rey
Monono's Cafe Bar Bar (787) 764-8184 Rio Piedras
Nano Gourmet Corp Bar (787) 723-1846 Condado District
New Club Bocaccio Enterprises Bar (787) 296-7676 Rio Piedras
Nuevos Suso's Cafeteria Bar Bar (787) 274-1935 Hato Rey
Ole Ole Bar (787) 724-7298 Condado District
Papaya Bar Bar -- 4.0 mi. East of Central San Juan
Portacall Bar (787) 725-8046 Ocean Park
Q Lounge Lounge (787) 422-6240 Condado District, Eastern part of San Juan
Rancho Alegre Bar (787) 822-3456 Pinones, Eastern part of San Juan
Reef Bar & Grill Bar (787) 791-1374 Isla Verde
Rivas Rolando Bar (787) 721-1526 Ocean Park
Rum Runners Bar (787) 529-5426 Ocean Park
San Juan San Juan Retro Lounge Lounge (787) 449-6410 Ocean Park
Soleil Beach Club & Bistro Bar (787) 253-1033 Pinones, Eastern part of San Juan
Spy Bar Bar (787) 724-2705 Ocean Park
Summer's Bar (787) 282-6247 Hato Rey
Sweetness Corp Bar (787) 725-3610 Condado District
Taiguey Beach Bar Bar (787) 532-3865 Condado District, Eastern part of San Juan
Tha Jaus Bar (787) 766-1639 Rio Piedras
The Continental Bar & Lounge D.B.A. Lounge (939) 437-0629 Ocean Park
The Lobby Bar Bar (787) 724-2503 Condado District, Northeastern part of San Juan
The New Sport Bar Bar (787) 294-7835 Rio Piedras
The Office Traditional Irish Pub Bar (787) 692-8311 3.0 mi. South West of Central Carolina
The Rose Club Bar (787) 791-8621 Isla Verde
The Siloutte Inc Bar (787) 250-0571 Hato Rey
Urban Club Bar (787) 792-7375 Ocean Park
Vibra Lounge Lounge (787) 608-0488 Ocean Park, Northern part of San Juan
Video Bar Bar (787) 725-6270 Condado District
Vila! Casado Omar Bar (787) 791-5421 Isla Verde
Zero Bar (787) 751-9411 Condado District
Zokku's Lounge Lounge (787) 728-7781 Isla Verde

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