Cuban Cuisine in San Juan

While exploring Puerto Rico, you'll happen upon a diverse set of quick-service, sit-down, and fine dining establishments. Those who adore Cuban cuisine particularly will want to visit the various establishments specializing in this cuisine. Sample the Cuban food at your disposal in Puerto Rico and more specialties, below.

From the pleasant, informal favorite named Metropol Guaynabo to the tempting dinner service at Metropol Hato Rey, you're bound to find something with all the right flavors.

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Before your trip begins, you can pursue the many places that specialize in food of the Cuban variety. For each restaurant, you can click its name to read the full article about its hours, locale, and even nearby attractions.

Metropol Dorado

Dorado | (787) 278-5500

Metropol Dorado is situated toward the center of Dorado. As part of a menu decked with food with Cuban flair, the kitchen at Metropol Dorado eagerly offers their chicken and seafood.

Warm peaches and oranges on the walls make the bistro style restaurant meets bar a warm environment to relax with a hearty home style meal. Because it is located in a suburban area, but near hotels and apartment rentals, it remains a family-friendly spot to dine.

Metropol Guaynabo

Guaynabo | (787) 272-7000

Metropol Guaynabo is on Las Cumbres Avenue. It's 7.1 miles south of Old San Juan. Seafood and Cuban flair are made for each other at this noteworthy restaurant.

With broad entree types including beef, pork, and rice entrees, Metropol takes the traditional dishes of Cuba and adapts them to a Puerto Rican taste. The result is a unique style that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Metropol Isla Verde

Isla Verde | (787) 791-5585

Metropol Isla Verde is located outside the center of Isla Verde. Fabulously fresh fish and Cuban cuisine are made for each other at this super casual eatery.

A fully stocked bar takes up one wall of the Isla Verde Metropol location, while the rest of the restaurant features bistro seating on checked tables and dark wood chairs. The walls are decorated with framed photos of Cuba.

Metropol Hato Rey

Hato Rey | (787) 751-4022

Metropol Hato Rey is located in the vicinity of San Juan; it is 2.5 miles to the south-southeast of Condado District. Fresh fish from Puerto Rico's coasts and Cuban panache are an outstanding combo at this well-liked place.

With mixed drinks, including the popular Cuban mojito, and traditional Cuban dishes with a local twist, Metropol offers a meal that everyone is sure to enjoy. You can expect high quality dishes with vibrant colors and ever more vibrant tastes.

El Capitan

Dorado | (787) 278-0011

Situated in the heart of Dorado, El Capitan is on At Exit 511 South. Lovely, mild seafood and Cuban style eats go well together at this informal eatery.

At El Capitan, you'll find the days fresh catches laid out on ice waiting for you to select. Of course, they are best known for their lobster, which is only $15(USD) a pound on Thursdays.

Similar Food

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If your preferences are flexible, perhaps you'll want the familiar flavors at restaurants like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Soho Tapas Bar & Restaurant (787) 758-3512 Spanish Hato Rey, Central San Juan
Tropical Restaurant (787) 761-1415 Caribbean Rio Piedras, Central San Juan
Restaurant Antonio (787) 721-2139 Spanish 1.0 mi. North of Central San Juan
Punto de Vista Restaurant & Bar (787) 729-7575 Spanish 0.4 mi. East of Old San Juan
La Terraza (888) 579-2632 Caribbean 3.4 mi. East of Central San Juan
Booby's Restaurant (787) 753-8181 Spanish 1.5 mi. South-Southwest of Central San Juan
Pina Colada Club (787) 721-0303 Creole 1.9 mi. Northwest of Central San Juan
La Pasta Criolla (787) 713-0965 Creole Juncos
Piropo Tapas & Barra (917) 689-0985 Spanish 1.4 mi. Northeast of Central San Juan
Paladar Creative Cuisine And Bar (787) 963-0878 Caribbean 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central San Juan

Some of the most unique dining options in Puerto Rico are the ones you run into naturally while walking around during the day. But, writing down a couple of tasty-sounding cafes and bars on your itinerary, means you'll have multiple alternatives, even in a pinch. To discover more information regarding the kinds of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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