Shopping in San Juan

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Shopping in San Juan is some of the best in the Caribbean.  While the prices may be comparable to other locations, it is easily the most diverse.  You can begin in Condado where the trendy, luxury boutiques sell brand name product, stop next in Old San Juan where there is a nice mixture of luxury and local goods, and finalize your shopping experience with a trip to Plaza las Americas which is the largest mall in the Caribbean.

No matter where you're shopping, do not allow yourself to be so dazzled by the imported goods that you forget about local specialties.  These include grotesque masks, santos, straw work, ceramics, paper-mache fruits and vegetables, locally produced coffee,  and lace work. 

Although at one time most shops were not allowed to open at all on Sundays in order to protect the small, and often religious, business owner, now it is legally allowed that retailers be open any time on Sunday except for between 6:00 and 11:00 a.m. Outside of this restriction, shops are permitted to be open at their own choosing.  More and more businesses, especially grocery and drug stores, are choosing to remain open 24 hours a day.  

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you enjoy shopping for gifts you might enjoy visiting Build-A-Bear, which is located within Hato Rey, San Juan. A trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop is an experience. When you walk in the door, you get to choose which type of bear (or other stuffed animal) you'd like to build from scratch in a process called "Choose Me." Then, you walk through the building process by visiting the following stations: Hear Me, Stuff Me, Stitch Me, Fluff Me, Dress Me, and Name Me. Visitors can call them at (787) 766-0048.

Another possibility is El Galpon, which is located four miles (six and a half kilometers) to the northwest of Build-A-Bear. If you are looking for a souvenir, but are not looking for magnets or snow-globes, check out El Galpon for some authentic Puerto Rican hats and other gifts. The property can be found at 154 Calle Cristo.

Still another option is Mi Pequeno San Juan. Bring a San Juan home into your home. Mi Pequeno sells hand made miniature versions of famous buildings and structures in San Juan. They're located at 107 Calle Cristo.

Many gift and souvenir shops in San Juan are displayed right below.

Gifts and Souvenirs In San Juan
Name Phone Location
Airport Gift & Souvenirs (787) 791-3344 Isla Verde
Atrium Gift Shop (787) 253-7183 Isla Verde, Eastern part of San Juan
Build-A-Bear (787) 766-0048 Hato Rey, Southern part of San Juan
Captain Duck Tourist (787) 725-0077 Condado District
China House (787) 296-2639 Hato Rey, Southern part of San Juan
Eduardo Gift & Souvenir Shop (787) 756-7124 Rio Piedras
El Galpon (787) 725-9345 Old San Juan
Figura Gallery (787) 721-6987 Old San Juan
James Souveniers (787) 725-7390 Old San Juan
La Fortaleza Tours Office & Souvenir Shop -- Old San Juan
Mi Pequeno San Juan (787) 977-1636 Old San Juan
Muelle De Turismo 4 Gift Shop (787) 722-0246 Ocean Park
Noel Ana Maraa (787) 722-1135 Old San Juan
Regalitos Y Algo Mas (787) 257-2332 1.1 mi. West of Central Carolina
San Cristobal Visitors' Center -- 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Old San Juan
Souvenier Land (787) 725-0333 Ocean Park
Souvenir Depot (787) 722-3571 Ocean Park
Souvenirs Place (787) 791-8848 Isla Verde
Spicy Caribbee (787) 725-4690 Old San Juan
Super Souvenirs (787) 977-8270 Ocean Park

Specialty Shops

One of the area's more popular speciality shops is The Butterfly People. They're found within Old San Juan, in western San Juan. The gallery is open everyday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. They're at 152 Fortaleza.

A second option is Scuba Dogs San Juan, which is located approximately a mile and a half (approximately two and a half kilometers) to the east of The Butterfly People. As an authorized dealer of all of the top snorkeling and scuba equipment on the market, you'll find everything you need for both sports in their shop -- plus, their knowledgeable staff is prepared to service your pre-owned equipment. Sign up for scuba diving courses and hone your craft, participate in daily open water dives, or even head out on a less-challenging snorkeling adventure with a friendly guide. They are located on Luis Munoz Rivera Avenue.

Biaggi & Faure: Biaggi & Faure Fine Art proudly promotes exclusive modern and contemporary fine art and represents an exclusive group of renowned masters of different generations as well as rising young artists. Visitors can find them at 1035 Jesús T. Piñero Avenue.

Several of the specialty shops in San Juan are provided below.

Specialty Shops In San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
Ar Studio Firm Art Gallery (787) 528-7674 Rio Piedras
Art Graphics Solutions Art Gallery (787) 460-6272 Miramar
Arte Grafico Art Gallery (787) 250-6193 Hato Rey
Biaggi & Faure Art Gallery (787) 277-2783 3.0 mi. West of Central San Juan
Casa Cortes Gallery Art Gallery (787) 523-4642 0.7 mi. North-Northeast of Central San Juan
Don Collins Cigars Tobacconist and Cigar Shop (787) 753-8935 Hato Rey, Southern part of San Juan
Effy Jewelers San Juan Jewelry Store (787) 721-0256 Old San Juan
F Barros Distributors Art Gallery (787) 783-4690 Rio Piedras
Forteleza Antiques Antiques and Used Merchandise Dealer (787) 723-1229 Old San Juan
Galería Éxodo Art Gallery (787) 723-4913 Old San Juan
Haitian Gallery Art Gallery (787) 721-4362 Old San Juan
Integra Design Art Gallery (787) 765-7678 Rio Piedras
OBRA Galeria Alegria Art Gallery (787) 723-3206 Ocean Park
Ocean Sports Dive Shop (787) 268-2329 2.4 mi. East of Central San Juan
Pamil Fine Art Art Gallery (787) 756-6831 Ocean Park
Psychodelic Tattoo Art Gallery (787) 769-2535 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Scuba Dogs San Juan Dive Shop (787) 977-0000 1.7 mi. East of Old San Juan
Siena Art Gallery Art Gallery (787) 724-7223 Ocean Park
The Butterfly People Art Gallery (787) 723-2432 Old San Juan
Walter Otero Contemporary Art Art Gallery (787) 627-5797 1.5 mi. East of Old San Juan

Clothing and Apparel

Hoping to find some new clothing during your vacation? You might enjoy a visit to Stella Nolasco Boutique Atelier -- which is situated in San Juan. Famous around the world for her sense of style that couples modernity with classic styles, Stella Nolasco has dressed celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Judy Reyes, and Bo Derek. Now, you can wear her designs, too. They're on Avenue de Diego, Plaza de Diego #310 .

Another place to consider is Sassy Girl -- which is found less than a mile away from Stella Nolasco Boutique Atelier. Available in limited quantities, Sassy Girl offers dresses, hand bags, jewelry, and other accessories. They are situated at 152 Cristo.

Another clothing store is Cigar House. Offering the largest selection of cigars in Old San Juan, Cigar House is a refined spot where you can pick out exotic cigars and sample Caribbean rums. Visitors will be able to find them at 27 Fortaleza.

The following table provides you with more details concerning the 20 apparel shops located in San Juan.

Clothing and Apparel In San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
Akali Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 200-8819 Miramar
Chic Lolita Boutique (787) 424-3177 Old San Juan
Cigar House Boutique (787) 723-5223 Old San Juan
Concalma Boutique (787) 421-4212 Old San Juan
E'Leonor Boutique (787) 725-3201 Condado District
Kmart Guaynabo Department Store -- Guaynabo, Southern part of San Juan
Kmart Monacillo Department Store -- 0.6 mi. West of Central Monacillo
Kmart Trujillo Alto Department Store (787) 755-7030 Miramar
Papaya Clothing Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 768-3600 1.1 mi. West of Central Carolina
Piccolina Boutique (787) 993-5678 Hato Rey
Pirana Joe San Juan Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store -- Old San Juan
Protokolo PR Boutique (787) 312-1106 Ocean Park
Rainbow Plaza Caparra Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 792-5362 Southwestern part of San Juan
Sassy Girl Boutique (787) 725-2486 Ocean Park
Stella Nolasco Boutique Atelier Boutique (787) 723-2897 Old San Juan, Northern part of San Juan
Valija Gitana Carolina Boutique (787) 710-7719 1.1 mi. West of Central Carolina
Valija Gitana Guaynobo Boutique (787) 782-1885 3.3 mi. North of Central Guaynabo
Valija Gitana Montehledra Boutique (787) 287-2366 San Juan
Valija Gitana Plaza las Americas Boutique (787) 765-7903 1.3 mi. South of Central San Juan
Zara Puerto Rico Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 751-9713 Hato Rey

Food and Grocery

Need to pick up some food supplies? Kasalta Bakery, Inc. is located within Ocean Park, in northeastern San Juan. This spot is a mixture of a deli, bakery, and bistro, where you'll find a nice selection of gourmet fare. This includes dinner dishes like fish and vegetables, baked goods, sandwiches and the ingredients to make sandwiches, and more. You can reach them at (787) 727-6593.

Another option is Panificadora Pepan Inc, which is located easily reached by taxi to the south of Kasalta Bakery, Inc.. For more than half a century, Panificadora Pepan Inc. has been baking fresh bread for the people of Puerto Rico daily. To reach them, call (787) 767-4222.

Old San Juan Farmers Market: If you are looking for fresh food and friendly people, stop by the Farmers Market in Old San Juan and pick up some locally grown fruit and vegetables. Old San Juan Farmer's Market began in March of 2010, when a group of locals got together to set up a community market. Guests will be able to find them

Look through the chart below if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
Birimbao Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 751-4681 Rio Piedras
Campo Rico Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 257-1377 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Cheesecake & Company Bakery (787) 444-2234 Ocean Park
Coqua Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 764-6013 Rio Piedras
El Barril Liquor Store 2 Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 750-7738 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Karina Bakery Bakery (787) 788-6410 Catano
Kasalta Bakery, Inc. Bakery (787) 727-6593 Ocean Park, Northeastern part of San Juan
La Grilla Liqour Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 722-3245 Condado District
Liquor Store El Angel Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 754-2909 Rio Piedras
Los Hermanos Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 752-8010 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Mio Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 768-3995 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan
Old San Juan Farmers Market Fruit and Vegetable Market -- Old San Juan
Panificadora Pepan Inc Bakery (787) 767-4222 Rio Piedras
Supermercado Amigo Caparra Grocery Store (787) 782-9425 Southwestern part of San Juan
Tiramisu Bakery (787) 982-2577 Carolina, Eastern part of San Juan

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