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It is said that San Salvador was the first island sighted by Columbus when he sailed the new world, though he never set foot on the island. Your approach will be different, likely from the sky rather than the sea, and you'll need a place to stay for sure. Fortunately, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from, typically formed as rental homes and resort properties.

Hotels On San Salvador

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Guests can find a small number of different hotel booking options to pick from on the island. Click on each link to read more info.

One of the best spots on San Salvador to find a variety of on-site dining possibilities is Club Med. Guests can choose between Club and Deluxe Suites. Each has colorful, modern decor and is kept impeccably clean. If you have questions, try calling them at (242) 331-2000.

One property along the waterfront that travelers often enjoy is Riding Rock Resort and Marina. There are 42 guest rooms at Riding Rock, 12 of which are Standard Rooms while the other 30 are Deluxe Oceanfront Rooms. Each rooms has a porch or balcony, private bathroom, cable television, and air conditioning. Deluxe rooms, along with a view of the Caribbean, also have patio chairs, a writing table, and a mini fridge. If you have questions, try calling them at (242) 331-2631.

Guanahani Beach Club: Surrounded by gorgeous tropical scenery, all of your worries will melt away in an instant at Guanahani Beach Club. Here, you'll find your own little slice of paradise on a property that specializes in private villas and personalized service. To contact them, call (242) 452-0438.

Check out the table below to learn more about hotel possibilities.

Hotels On San Salvador
Name Phone Number Star Rating Location
Club Med (242) 331-2000


1.4 mi. North of Central Cockburn Town
Guanahani Beach Club (242) 452-0438


7.5 mi. South-Southeast of Central Cockburn Town
Riding Rock Resort and Marina (242) 331-2631


0.6 mi. Northwest of Central Cockburn Town
San Salvador Resort and Spa (242) 225-3065


0.9 mi. Northwest of Central Cockburn Town

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Individual Villas

Certain people prefer the seclusion offered by one of the many rental homes. To navigate to our complete page about rental properties on San Salvador, visit this page.


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