Grotto Beach

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Located on the most southwestern tip on the island of San Salvador, Grotto Beach is a sleepy spot, perfect for vacationers looking for a private getaway.

Located on the southwestern side of San Salvador Island, near Cockburn Town, You might think about stopping by even if you aren't staying in the immediate vicinity. Grotto Beach is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it's one of the best spots for escaping the hustle of The Bahamas' urban areas. Many of the other beaches in the Bahamas may be just as pretty, but tend to be busier because they border some of the area's most popular resorts.

How to Access The Beach
Follow the back roads through the forest of San Salvador to reach the tip of the island and Grotto Beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

The beach forms into a point, with a thick stretch of white sand leading to calm deep blue waters.

Please note that public restrooms are not available, which is something to consider if you're bringing the kids, or plan to spend all day outside.

If you tend to choose sunny days which offer a tranquil enclave, then you may want to try Grotto Beach; it is back in a less urban sector of the region.

What's Nearby


Visitors will find this beach on the South West coast of San Salvador Island. It's located near Christopher Columbus Monument, which is one of a few favorite destinations in the area.

History-focused attractions such as Mexico Olympics Monument are a nice compliment to the scenery of Grotto Beach, and allow visitors to learn more about the Bahamas, without having to venture too far from the coast. In fact, you'll find this spot easily reached by taxi from this historical destination.

There are options for close-by activities so you won't run out of ways to stay busy. Attractions close to this beach can be found in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Grotto Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Christopher Columbus Monument Monument 4.6 mi. NNE San Salvador Island
Mexico Olympics Monument Historical Site 5.3 mi. NNE San Salvador Island
New World Museum Tourist Attraction 7.9 mi. N San Salvador Island
Dixon Lighthouse Lighthouse 12.9 mi. NE San Salvador Island


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, depending on when you visit, and how many of the nearby hotel rooms have been booked. There aren't many large hotels in the immediate vicinity, but it can attract guests from some of the area's smaller options.

Though you'll find very few hotels that are within a short car ride, the nearest ones are listed in the following table.

Accommodations near Grotto Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Guanahani Beach Club 5.2 mi. E Resort
Riding Rock Resort and Marina 8.0 mi. N Resort
San Salvador Resort and Spa 8.3 mi. N Resort
Club Med 9.0 mi. N Resort


There aren't any restaurants near this coast, so it would be a good idea to plan a picnic if you want to fully enjoy your day in the sun.

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find other beaches besides Grotto Beach on San Salvador Island.

Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Bonefish Bay, located only a cab ride away from the coast. However, if that's not exactly what you're looking for, Long Bay Beach offers a few more possibilities for excitement, and isn't far from other tourist hot-spots. It's found two and a half miles to the northeast.

You might also want to visit North Victoria Hill Beach, located ten miles away.

There are countless experiences to enjoy in the Bahamas, so visiting Grotto Beach is just one way you can enjoy a sunny afternoon.


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