Sailing and Boating Near San Salvador

San Salvador is a top sailing destination in the Bahamas

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Many people dream for years of getting out on the water and sailing around a tropical paradise as picturesque as San Salvador. Add to that the number of sites that can be intriguing to both day and seasoned sailors and you've got a great destination to consider as you plan your vacation in the Bahamas.

San Salvador is a well-loved destination because of the abundance of spots that yachters can visit including Dim, Long, and Snow Bays. Although the island is surrounded by reef, the waters are so clear that they are easy to navigate without much trouble. If you're just visiting for a day sail, there are plenty of beaches and lagoons including the aforementioned bays as well as Pigeon Creek, and you can drop anchor in all of them.


If your sailing trip to San Salvador will have you stay for awhile, there are a few options to be aware of including the marina at Riding Rock and the one in Cockburn Town. Riding Rock has 25 slips that can accommodate boats up to 140 feet long. Each slip has electronic and water hookups, showers and restaurants, laundry facilities, satellite television, and both diesel and gasoline fuel.

Considering the option of traveling to San Salvador using your own vessel, or a charter from another location? This next table provides a quick summary of nearby marinas.

Name Phone Location
Cockburn Town Dock -- San Salvador Island
Cockburn Town Marina -- San Salvador Island
Riding Rock Marina -- San Salvador Island
Riding Rock Marina (242) 331-2631 Riding Rock Resort and Marina - San Salvador Island

As you sail into port, make sure to have your yellow quarantine flag, docking at the Government Dock. Customs officials will go over the boat's documentation and ave everyone you're sailing with fill out paperwork to be processed through immigration. For up to five passengers you'll then pay between $150 and $300(USD) for a cruising and sailing permit.

San Salvador seems like the perfect destination to consider for those who have the urge to set sail during their trip to the Bahamas. There is plenty to think about and this is the perfect place to start. Now that you've learned a bit more about entry requirements, your one step closer to getting on that yacht and spending some time rocking with the waves.


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