Santiago De Los Caballeros Transportation

It is easy to make your way around Santiago de los Caballeros

The second-largest city in the Dominican Republic, Santiago De Los Caballeros is a vibrant metropolis with such a huge variety of offerings that every type of traveler can find something to love here. Additionally, because of the size and importance of the city, the network of ground transportation is one of the best on the island, making it easy for locals and tourists to get around.

Getting There

As a city surrounded entirely by land, the most convenient way to get to Santiago De Los Caballeros (Santiago) is to fly. This doesn't mean you can't plan to arrive by sea, but it does mean you will have to make further arrangements to travel to the city from the coast.

Getting Around

The options for making your way around Santiago are plentiful. To start, you can bring your walking shoes and get around on foot for the most part, and there are also horse-drawn carriages that will take you on a ride around the city starting at the monument. More options include rental cars, taxis, motoconchos, buses, and carro publicos.

Air Travel

Travelers making their way to Santiago De Los Caballeros will be pleased to learn that the town is home to its own airport – and one of the busiest airports on the island at that. The Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao is the third busiest airport in the Dominican Republic, with almost one million passengers served each year. Flights are available from around the world, including the United States with airlines like Jet Blue, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines offering regular flights. Find out more about flying to Santiago De Los Caballeros when you click here.


If you've got the skills required to sail a private yacht, or the means to hire a charter, you'll find a trip through the Caribbean to the Dominican Republic a great start to your vacation. Know that the waters to the south of the island offer much smoother sailing than the waters to the north. When you arrive at your port of entry of choice, you'll need to fly your yellow "Q" flag as you approach. You'll need to present customs officials with paperwork that proves ownership of the ship, a list of the ship's stores, and a crew manifesto. Additionally every member aboard the ship will need to present their passport and a second form of identification.


At just over an hour from the nearest cruise port in Puerto Plata, it is definitely possible to plan a trip to Santiago during a day ashore as part of a Caribbean cruise. The port is located near enough to the center of Puerto Plata that you can walk to the bus terminal or easily get a taxi to take you to Santiago.

Rental Cars

Renting a car for your vacation may seem like the obvious choice since every combo package on-line seems to combine air fare, hotel stay, and rental car. It is not necessary to rent a car in Santiago, but if you are going to do so, make sure to bring your passport with you to check out. The rental agency will also require that you be over the age of 21 and have a valid driver's license from your country of origin. If you rent with a local agency, you'll save a bit of money, but international chains are often more reliable. Get the full run down here.


In the past, there has been some concern about the legitimacy of taxi drivers in Santiago thanks to a few muggings that occurred when tourists got into vehicles that they assumed were taxis but actually were not. Perhaps because of this, local agencies have begun to tke extra precautions to make potential customers feel safe such as doing background checks on all of their drivers and having them wear identification tags around their necks. Even with these safety measures, it is recommended that you call and order a taxi here, rather than hail one out on the streets. Find out more about the process by clicking here.


For about $0.55(USD) per person you can get a ride through Santiago that can only be described as thrilling. Motoconchos are motorcycle taxis which hang around the more popular areas of town looking to pick up tourists and take them on a quick ride. This service is best used by solo travelers or couples who only need to travel a short distance and are comfortable riding on a bike without a helmet.


Tourists visiting Santiago De Los Caballeros will find that they are able to use the bus, or guagua, to get around town at a low cost to them, but they also have the benefit of a series of coach buses that travel from most of the major towns and cities on the island for much less than it would cost to rent a car or fly.  

Get the details about both services, including routes by reading our guide to Buses in Santiago de los Caballeros.

Carro Publico

One final form of transportation for tourists to consider when they stay in Santiago is the carro publico. It is a public car that travels around the city on a set route similar to a bus, but is more often described as a public taxi. The publico will pick up anyone on their route in need of a ride, so you'll end up riding with strangers, but the cost is only about $0.40(USD) a person, so the inconvenience is worth it to most.

With so many options available for travel in Santiago De Los Caballeros, those planning a getaway here have their work cut out for them. Keep your budget, the ease of travel, and your personal preferences in mind as you review each option and you'll quickly find the perfect choice for your getaway.


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