Creole Cuisine in Santo Domingo

Almost everywhere in the Dominican Republic, expect to have the privilege of deciding between a plentiful supply of places to have a hot meal. But guests who seek Creole cuisine in particular will definitely want to check out the places serving this favorite. Luckily, you're likely to come across several options that feature this cuisine.

With choices such as the very casual favorite named Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas to the beautiful smells of dinner and lunch at La Cafeteria, it really is possible to find the dish you'll return for again and again.

Below, you can scan and read details about the handful of Dominican Republic restaurants that specialize in food of the Creole variety. See one that catches your eye? Click its name to read more about its style, hours, or even what the view will be like.

Gusto Tropical

Boca Chica | (809) 523-9381

Gusto Tropical can be found along the southern outskirts of Boca Chica. In the mood for pasta? Even if it's outside your norm, you may as well make this place the one thing everyone will harmonize over.

Puerco Rosado

Boca Chica | (809) 523-4307

Puerco Rosado is situated toward the southern outskirts of Boca Chica. This is one local eatery that's enjoyed, not merely for its Creole food and pasta, but here they're also good at seafood.

With an open kitchen and a view of the beach, this restaurant has a friendly, casual atmosphere about it.

Barra Payan

Downtown Santo Domingo | (809) 689-6654

Barra Payan is located in downtown Santo Domingo, in the heart of Santo Domingo. Don't hesitate to pass through downtown Santo Domingo for a mouth-watering helping of the specialty, sandwiches.

Deli sandwiches served on your choice of white or whole wheat bread is what you'll find at this popular establishment, in addition to hamburgers.

Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas

Boca Chica

Located in the heart of Boca Chica, Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas is a good choice that's worth considering if you're going to spend some time exploring this section of the city and adjacent areas. Fresh fish from the Dominican Republic's coasts and Creole cuisine are made for each other at this laid-back establishment.

The cafeteria doesn't offer much by way of ambiance. Dining takes place on plastic tables and chairs, and although there is a slight view of the sea, it isn't worth bragging about.

Meson De Bari

Zona Colonial | (809) 687-4091

Located in the heart of Zona Colonial, Meson De Bari is a good option for people exploring this neighborhood. If you and your group have a desire to mate Creole goodies with Latin American panache, this place is dishing up both.

Meson de Bari offers a variety of local food including rice and fired plantains, as well as steaks that can be paired with delicious wines.

Creole Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Barra Payan Downtown Santo Domingo Creole, Latin American (809) 689-6654
Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas Boca Chica Creole --
Gusto Tropical 0.6 mi. South of Central Boca Chica Creole, Italian (809) 523-9381
La Cafeteria Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo Creole --
La Fonda Criolla Central Santo Domingo Creole --
Meson De Bari Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo Creole, Latin American (809) 687-4091
Miel y Canela Downtown Santo Domingo Creole (809) 682-1204
Pequena Suiza 0.6 mi. South of Central Boca Chica Creole, Swiss (809) 523-4619
Puerco Rosado 0.6 mi. South of Central Boca Chica Creole, Italian (809) 523-4307

Similar Food

Hard Rock Cafe Zona Colonial

For something different in the same ballpark, perhaps you'll want the familiar flavors at places like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Pollo Rey Estadio Quisqueya -- American Central Santo Domingo
Pollo Rey El Conde (809) 535-1000 American Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo
Pollo Rey Plaza Sambil (809) 910-6500 American Santo Domingo
Tony Romas Santo Domingo (809) 535-5454 American Central Santo Domingo
Neptuno's Club Restaurant (809) 523-4703 Caribbean 0.6 mi. South-Southeast of Central Boca Chica
McDonald's Agora -- American Central Santo Domingo
Burger King Calle 12 de Julio -- American Central Santo Domingo
Chili's Santo Domingo (809) 955-3273 American Downtown Santo Domingo
Chez Marius -- French 0.6 mi. South of Central Boca Chica
La Dolcerie Restaurant (809) 338-0814 American Central Santo Domingo

Some of the most unique places to grab a bite in the Dominican Republic are those that you happen upon while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. That being said, that doesn't mean you can't learn about dining in a particular region in advance. To find out more concerning the kinds of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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