International Cuisine in Santo Domingo

During your visit to the Dominican Republic, you'll be impressed by the savory selection of restaurant gems preparing local ingredients. Can't resist International food during your holiday here? Guests can't afford to miss the various establishments where this style of cooking is king. Fortunately, there's more than enough restaurants just within this category.

With options including everything from the very casual destination known as Village on the Beach to the lingering deliciousness of breakfast and dinner at Los Balcones, there's a menu for every type of traveler and all types of budgets.

Take a moment to preview the large collection of International restaurants awaiting the Dominican Republic's guests. For each restaurant, you can click its name to see the full article about its location, style, and more.

Quisqueya Restaurant

Downtown Santo Domingo | (809) 221-2222

Quisqueya Restaurant, on the premises of Renaissance Jaragua Hotel and Casino, is found within downtown Santo Domingo, near the middle of Santo Domingo. Ready for a great plate of food in an easy-going environment? Don't miss the mellow surroundings at this buffet.

Restaurante Aubergine

The vicinity of Santo Domingo | (809) 374-1382

Restaurante Aubergine

Located 8.2 miles northwest of San Cristobal, Restaurante Aubergine is on Cambita-Garabito Road. If you're curious, Bani is 16 miles (26 kilometers) to the south-southwest. Perhaps you could guess that this place is best known for International delights and particularly seafood, but here they're also fawned-over for another favorite, steak. The gorgeous view of the forest alone makes a trip to this restaurant worth it. Dining is available out on a wooden terrace and the tables are set with fine place settings and beautiful floral arrangements to set the tone for a magical meal. The interior of the restaurant, which still offers open-air seating, it a bit more laid back with comfortable patio-style furniture arranged to provide optimal space.

Boca Marina Restaurant & Lounge

Boca Chica | (809) 523-6702

Located in the southeastern outskirts of Boca Chica, Boca Marina Restaurant & Lounge is on Calle Prolongacion Duarte 12a. Though one might say the overall focus is International-inspired cuisine, this potential favorite boasts about their seafood and sushi. The entire menu is based around what is available fresh daily, from the produce in the salads to the seafood caught in the waters that surround the marina. Dishes range from standard comfort food to exotic, great for those who want something familiar as well as those who crave something new.

Pate Palo

Zona Colonial | (809) 687-8089

Pate Palo is located toward the northern outskirts of Zona Colonial. People who have fallen in love with International fare will want to check out Pate Palo. Make sure it's on your agenda in case you're in their neighborhood. The building in which Pate Palo is located in was originally built in the 1500s and has a charm about it that can only be created naturally. Inside, the restaurant is often dimly lit to promote intimacy, decked out with thick wood tables, and has a cool quiet vibe about it. Thursdays through Sundays, live guitar music will accompany your meal.

Sol y Sombra Restaurant

Santo Domingo | (809) 685-0000

Sol y Sombra Restaurant, part of Hilton Santo Domingo, is located toward the center of Santo Domingo. Happily identified by tourists as a casual dining option, it's easy to see why people love popping in for their food. The basic menu at Sol y Sombra is split up into categories including soups, salads, pastas, fish, Dominican dishes, meats, and desserts, however there are themed buffets throughout the week, and a popular Sunday brunch. Dishes like Dominican Flag and Cooked Mondongo are local specialties, and must-haves before you leave the island.

International Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Boca Marina Restaurant & Lounge 0.7 mi. Southeast of Central Boca Chica International (809) 523-6702
Cafe Bellini Downtown Santo Domingo International, Italian (809) 686-3387
Chef Pepper Agora Central Santo Domingo International (809) 565-4068
Conde De Penalba Restaurant Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo International (809) 688-7121
Deli Beef Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 533-2335
El Cafetal Restaurant Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 221-1511
Friends Restaurant and Lounge Central Santo Domingo International, Spanish (809) 567-0144
Kaffetto´s Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 221-0000
La Dolcerie Restaurant Central Santo Domingo American, International (809) 338-0814
La Residence Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo International (809) 685-9955
Los Balcones Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 549-2525
Marocha Central Santo Domingo International, Mediterranean (809) 473-4191
Meson De La Cava Central Santo Domingo International, Spanish (809) 533-2818
Mimosa Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo International, South American (809) 866-0911
NABU Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 221-0000
Napolitano's Terrace Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 687-1131
Pate Palo Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo International (809) 687-8089
Pita y Romero Central Santo Domingo International (809) 472-1444
Plaza Europa Restaurant Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 571-3335
Quisqueya Restaurant Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 221-2222
Quiznos Agora Central Santo Domingo International (809) 621-5556 ext. 7050
Rancho Steak House Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 535-4817
Restaurante Aubergine 8.2 mi. Northwest of Central San Cristobal Fusion, International (809) 374-1382
Sol y Sombra Restaurant Central Santo Domingo International (809) 685-0000
The Boat House 0.7 mi. South of Central Boca Chica International (809) 523-6986
Trapiche Restaurant Downtown Santo Domingo International (809) 685-1010
Tucantu 0.6 mi. South of Central Boca Chica International, Italian --
Vargos Restaurant 0.4 mi. East of Central San Cristobal International (809) 528-5400
Village on the Beach Boca Chica Caribbean, International (809) 523-5045
Winston Grill & Patio Central Santo Domingo International --

Sometimes, the most exciting cuisines in the Dominican Republic are those you didn't expect to find yourself craving while walking around during the day. However, having the contact info for at least two interesting-sounding restaurants on your schedule, will make life easier when no one can decide. To read more regarding the kinds of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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