Latin American Cuisine in Santo Domingo

While exploring the Dominican Republic, you'll be impressed by the diverse set of fine restaurants, quick eateries, and more. If you're admittedly obsessed with Latin American food, you should check out those restaurants where this style of cooking is king. Lucky for hungry guests, there's more than enough places where you can order dishes prepped in this style.

With plenty of variety, from the very casual atmosphere at Gallo Pinto Restaurant to the beautiful smells of dinner and lunch at Cane, there's something special waiting for each person in your party and every style of vacation.

The following list allows you to browse the restaurants in the Dominican Republic that specialize in food of the Latin American variety. You can click each restaurant's name to read the full article about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.


Santo Domingo | (809) 368-2200

Located near the heart of Santo Domingo, Cane is at 1059 Abraham Lincoln Avenue. People that desire tapas will wholly like eating here during a trip to Santo Domingo.

Gourmet fusion fare is all the rage here, with Latin and Caribbean spices working together to create a menu of flavorful dishes.

Gallo Pinto Restaurant

Santo Domingo | (809) 567-4345

Situated near the middle of Santo Domingo, Gallo Pinto Restaurant is a logical choice for you to consider if you're thinking about going to this part of the city and other nearby areas. Determined not to be a "stale" choice, not only does this place offer Latin American cooking and their signature staple of chicken, but they're also masters of coffee.

Barra Payan

Downtown Santo Domingo | (809) 689-6654

Barra Payan is located in downtown Santo Domingo, near the heart of Santo Domingo. Here's one sure-fire reason to visit downtown Santo Domingo when you have a strong hankering for sandwiches.

Deli sandwiches served on your choice of white or whole wheat bread is what you'll find at this popular establishment, in addition to hamburgers.

Rita's Cafe

Downtown Santo Domingo | (809) 688-9400

Rita's Cafe is situated in downtown Santo Domingo, near the middle of Santo Domingo. This is one local eatery that's enjoyed, not merely for its Latin American creations and one favorite, seafood, but wouldn't you know they're also known for putting out great steak.

Meson De Bari

Zona Colonial | (809) 687-4091

Meson De Bari is located near the middle of Zona Colonial. If the idea of Creole food paired with Latin American appeals to your palate, plan a meal at this restaurant on your vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Meson de Bari offers a variety of local food including rice and fired plantains, as well as steaks that can be paired with delicious wines.

Latin American Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Barra Payan Downtown Santo Domingo Creole, Latin American (809) 689-6654
Bocana Beach Casa Club 0.7 mi. South of Central Boca Chica Latin American --
Cane Central Santo Domingo Latin American (809) 368-2200
Delicias Integrales Downtown Santo Domingo Latin American, Vegetarian (809) 947-8312
Exquisiteces Virginia Downtown Santo Domingo Latin American (809) 333-9001
Fela's Place 0.4 mi. East of Central San Cristobal Latin American (809) 288-2124
Gallo Pinto Restaurant Central Santo Domingo Latin American (809) 567-4345
Meson De Bari Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo Creole, Latin American (809) 687-4091
Rita's Cafe Downtown Santo Domingo Italian, Latin American, Mexican (809) 688-9400

Similar Food

When seeking variety that doesn't stray too far, maybe you should explore related flavor profiles at restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Chili's Santo Domingo (809) 955-3273 Tex-Mex Downtown Santo Domingo
La Vecindad (809) 633-2121 Mexican Central Santo Domingo
Taco Bell Agora -- Mexican Central Santo Domingo
Pollo Provocon Santo Domingo (809) 238-1204 South American Downtown Santo Domingo
Don Nacho Taquería (809) 549-5804 Mexican Central Santo Domingo
Los Huaraches (809) 566-4023 Mexican Central Santo Domingo
Taco Bell Camino Chiquito (312) 454-9066 Mexican Central Santo Domingo
Mimosa (809) 866-0911 South American Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo
Nexus Bar -- Mexican Zona Colonial, Central Santo Domingo
Restaurante La Quinta (809) 255-0606 Mexican Central Santo Domingo

Sometimes, the most exciting cuisines in the Dominican Republic are those you catch sight of - or scent of - while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. However, jotting down at least a couple tasty-sounding cafes and bars in your plans, may prove valuable later when your stomach's grumbling. To discover even more about the kinds of food available to you, check out this page.


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