Taxis in Santo Domingo

Taxis are a top choice for getting around Santo Domingo

If you aren't up for renting a car, but still prefer the privacy of riding around in a vehicle without a group of strangers, taxis are the perfect choice for getting around Santo Domingo. They are reliable and punctual, making it easy to get into the habit of calling a cab whenever you're in need of a ride.

Taxi Companies

Using taxis as your main source of transportation is a great choice in Santo Domingo, because it allows tourists to avoid having to navigate local roads as well as keeps them from deciphering the sometimes confusing public transportation routes. Let's not forget the fact that it is the fastest way to get from one place to the next rather than driving yourself.

On the outside, taxis appear to be like any other car on the street, which can make it difficult to hail a cab, but finding a cab on your own is not recommended anyways. Tourists getting into unmarked taxis have been assaulted and robbed in the past, so the best option is always going to be to call a reputable company and have them pick you up – even from a major hotel or restaurant were taxis are known to line up waiting for passengers. The one place that seems to be the exception is at the airport. You can use the chart of local taxi companies below and call for a cab yourself, or have the concierge at your hotel do it for you. Aero Taxi and Taxi Queen are two of the known cab companies that many previous visitors recommend. Taxi Queen is a company that you can trust in because all of their drivers are required to pass security checks before they can get behind the wheel.

You can take a look at the following table to reach a taxi company whenever you are needing transportation.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Adonai Taxi (809) 245-7788 Downtown Santo Domingo
Ah-Taxi (809) 239-2525 Libertador 10 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Alcarrizos Taxi (809) 545-3737 Santo Domingo
Amarillo Taxi (829) 687-9999 15 A Fleming - Santo Domingo
Angsa Taxi (809) 597-5555 37 PJ Lama Avenue - Santo Domingo
Antena Taxi (809) 686-8686 37 Mexico Avenue - 2.2 mi. (3.5 km) West of Santo Domingo
Apolo Taxi (809) 537-0000 462 Twenty-seventh of February Avenue - Santo Domingo
Bambino Taxi (809) 602-1679 Santo Domingo
Maxi Taxi (809) 544-0077 Downtown Santo Domingo
Millenium Taxi (809) 532-0303 Downtown Santo Domingo
Nueva York Taxi (809) 388-2000 Downtown Santo Domingo
Oper Taxi (809) 599-5555 Downtown Santo Domingo
Pantoja Taxi (809) 333-1333 Downtown Santo Domingo
Rey Taxi (809) 231-3333 Downtown Santo Domingo
Safetaxi (809) 622-0565 28 No 10, Carlos Alvarez - Downtown Santo Domingo
Saoper Taxi (809) 681-0101 Downtown Santo Domingo
Sateli Taxi (809) 620-0707 Av J Majluta 71 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Servicio De Taxi (809) 569-1218 26de Enero 2 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Su Taxi (809) 532-4683 Av Independencia 1355 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Supremo Taxi (809) 590-5555 Av Restauracion - Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi Aero Taxi (809) 221-7330 R Cochia 38 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi Colonial (809) 221-1973 El Conde 60 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi Nacional (Unachosin) (809) 535-3765 C Bona 2do P 113 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi Popular (809) 599-8888 Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi Tropical (809) 262-3332 J O y Gasset 4 - Downtown Santo Domingo

Once you call for a cab, the operator will give you an estimate of how long it will take the taxi to get to you, plus the color of the taxi and its ID number so you can be sure you're safe getting in. Taxis are available in Santo Domingo 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you're traveling with young children, note that it is perfectly legal for children to ride in their parent's lap and skip a car or booster seat, so taxis will not have these devices on hand. If you prefer your child be buckled in as safe and snug as possible, make sure to bring your seat from home.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

...carry small bills in local currency...


The cost of hailing a taxi in Santo Domingo depends on where you're traveling to. Taxis are not metered, and rates are set by the individual company, but it is always wise to speak with your driver and settle on the fare before you hit the road. At minimum, you'll pay $4.50(USD) for a ride. Always make sure to carry small bills in local currency, because drivers rarely have change on hand.

Most drivers only speak Spanish, which can create something of a language barrier, however, if you happen upon a bilingual driver you may want to ask him or her if he'll take you on a tour of the area. Taxi drivers often double as tour guides, and will charge reasonable prices to give you by-the-hour tours.

If you're hoping to travel to another city or town via taxi, call a taxi company in advance to get a quote and reserve your driver. Not every driver on the street will be willing to drive long distances.

The following table provides a few taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around Santo Domingo
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 165.00 - $ 180.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Samana
$ 200.00 Punta Cana Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 90.00 - $ 95.00 Downtown Santo Domingo La Vega
$ 35.00 - $ 40.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Boca Chica
$ 40.00 - $ 45.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Juan Dolio Beach
$ 35.00 - $ 40.25 Las Américas International Airport Santo Domingo
$ 100.00 - $ 115.00 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 7.15 - $ 8.50 Sans Souci Terminal Zona Colonial
$ 118.50 - $ 138.50 Sans Souci Terminal La Romana
$ 154.10 - $ 177.25 Punta Cana International Airport Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 120.00 - $ 150.00 La Romana Port Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 7.50 - $ 9.00 Sans Souci Terminal Palacio Nacional
$ 33.25 - $ 39.00 Sans Souci Terminal Boca Chica
$ 20.00 - $ 25.00 La Romana Port Altos De Chavon
$ 27.25 - $ 32.00 Sans Souci Terminal Las Américas International Airport
$ 5.50 - $ 6.50 Sans Souci Terminal Fortaleza Ozama
$ 5.25 - $ 6.25 Sans Souci Terminal El Faro A Colón
$ 6.00 - $ 7.15 Sans Souci Terminal National Aquarium
$ 6.75 - $ 7.95 Sans Souci Terminal Hard Rock Cafe Zona Colonial

With so many public transportation options available in Santo Domingo that are much less expensive, deciding to take a taxi can seem unnecessary. But those who prefer quick, individualized service will find this to be the obvious choice every time.


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